Volvox : Characteristics, Structure, and Reproduction

image of volvox

Volvox is a common freshwater free-floating chlorophytic green alga that belongs to Volvocaceae family under order Volvocales of division Chlorophyta. They occur in temporary and permanent freshwater tanks, ponds, pools, ditches, etc. There are some 20 freshwater species of Volvox which prefer to live in colonies with up to 60,000 cells by making a gelatinous … Read more

Monocots and Dicots: Characteristics and Differences

image of Dicot and monocot plants

Plants can be broadly divided into two types: flowering plants and non-flowering plants. In this case, flowering plant is also known as angiosperms while non-flowering plant is known as gymnosperms. Based on the nature of the embryo in the seed, angiosperms are again divided into the following two types: Monocotyledonous and Dicotyledonous plants Monocotyledonous Plants … Read more

Spirogyra: Characteristics, Structure and Reproduction

SpirogyraCharacteristics, Structure and Reproduction

Spirogyras are common free-floating freshwater algae that inhabit ponds, pools, tanks, lakes, ditches, etc.  The word ‘Spirogyra’ is derived from the two Greek words, ‘Speria’, meaning coil, and ‘gyras’ meaning twisted. Spirogyra has many common names, including blanket weed, water silk, mermaid`s tresses, etc. It grows up to several centimeters in length and 10-100 μm … Read more

Reproduction in algae

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Algae are a diverse group of eukaryotic cellular or multi-cellular organisms. They inhabit both in aquatic and terrestrial environments. Some occur in moist stones, wood, soils, on ice, or snow. They have photosynthetic pigments that perform photosynthesis, produce oxygen, and remove at least half of the total carbon dioxide from the earth`s atmosphere. Algae perform … Read more

Structure of Algae

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Algae are photosynthetic microorganisms that perform photosynthesis and produce oxygen (O2) and consume carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. During photosynthesis, algae produce at least half of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. Most of the algae inhabit the aquatic environment, either freshwater or marine habitats. They can also occupy on rocks, soils, vegetation, or moist … Read more

Algae: Characteristics, Types and Its Classification

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Algae are the green slimy blanket which covers the rock surface or the top of the ponds or a poorly kept aquarium that have the ability to conduct photosynthesis. The algae belong to the subphylum Thallophyta of the kingdom Protista in modern classification of organisms. Latin ‘alga’ means seaweed. These are eukaryotic organisms, autotrophic in … Read more