Migration of Fishes

Migration is one of the innate behaviors of animals. Some animals move from their permanent habitat to temporary habitat for a certain period of time to escape various biological needs or environmental adversities and return to permanent habitat at the end of time. This particular phenomenon is called migration. Migration of fishes have special importance … Read more

Fish Feed Preparation and Formulation

Most aquatic farming systems are intensive or semi-intensive, especially for fish and shrimp. Intensive fish farming requires extra food for stocked fish. As a result, the cost of such cultivation is high. The main purpose of fish feed preparation and formulation is to mix nutritional value and balanced ingredients which keep the growth, reproduction and … Read more

Osmoregulation in Fishes

Osmosis is the process by which the solvent enters the area from low density to high density. In this case, two different densities of a solution are separated by a differential permeable membrane. The kidneys play an important role in the osmoregulation of fish. However, most of the osmoregulatory functions are performed by other organs … Read more

Digestive System of Labeo rohita

Labeo rohita is the important food fish that belongs to the carp family Cyprinidae under order Cypriniformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is also known as rui, rohu, or roho labeo. It can tolerate a wider temperature range, and it is the most adaptable and important cultured fish species in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Myanmar. They … Read more

Sense Organs of Labeo rohita

The sense organs of Rohu fish (Labeo rohita) consist of eye, internal ear, lateral line sensory organ and olfactory organ. These organs are made according to the general design of bony fish. Eye The basic structure of the eyes of Rohu fish (Labeo rohita)  is similar to the eyes of other vertebrates. The eyeball is … Read more

Urinogenital System of Labeo rohita

Kidney is the main excretory organ of Labeo rohita (Rohu fish).  Some differences are observed in the excretory organ and excretion process of Rohu fish due to their living in aquatic environment. This is because even though the main excretory organ or the kidneys of rohu fish take part in the excretory function, the gills … Read more