Aquatic Adaptation of Labeo rohita

Fish are the prime aquatic animals. Because only fish have evolved there in the aquatic environment with origin. The origin and development of any other vertebrate species have not been completed in the aquatic environment. Various changes have been made in the anatomical and physiological functions of fish for successful adaptation to the aquatic environment. … Read more

Endocrine System of Labeo rohita

Hormones are secreted from the ductless glands, which are considered to be the regulators and stimulants of all the biological functions of the animal body. These ductless glands are called endocrine glands and the system consisting of glands is called endocrine system. Endocrine gland acts on target organ and controls their various physiological activities such … Read more

Urinogenital System of Labeo rohita

Kidney is the main excretory organ of Labeo rohita (Rohu fish).  Some differences are observed in the excretory organ and excretion process of Rohu fish due to their living in aquatic environment. This is because even though the main excretory organ or the kidneys of rohu fish take part in the excretory function, the gills … Read more

Migration of Fishes

Migration is one of the innate behaviors of animals. Some animals move from their permanent habitat to temporary habitat for a certain period of time to escape various biological needs or environmental adversities and return to permanent habitat at the end of time. This particular phenomenon is called migration. Migration of fishes have special importance … Read more

Sense Organs of Labeo rohita

The sense organs of Rohu fish (Labeo rohita) consist of eye, internal ear, lateral line sensory organ and olfactory organ. These organs are made according to the general design of bony fish. Eye The basic structure of the eyes of Rohu fish (Labeo rohita)  is similar to the eyes of other vertebrates. The eyeball is … Read more

Nervous System of Labeo rohita

The nervous system of Rohu fish (Labeo rohita) is divided into the following three parts: A. Central nervous system B. Peripheral nervous system and C. Autonomic nervous system. A. Central Nervous System The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord. The brain of the Rohu fish is divided into three … Read more