Brown Shrike-Lanius cristatus

Brown shrike(Lanius cristatus) is a passerine migratory bird of Bangladesh which belongs to the family Laniidae under order Passeriformes of class Aves. They are also known as also known as “butcher birds” due to their feeding habits. They are found in grassy areas along the hills of Bangladesh, in forests and even in scattered bushes. Systematic … Read more

Watercock-Gallicrex cinerea

The watercock (Gallicrex cinerea) is a passerine bird which belongs to the family Rallidae under order Passeriformes of Class Aves. They are found in swamps across south Asia from India and Sri Lanka to south China, Japan and Indonesia. They roam in places where there is a lot of water. They are found in paddy … Read more

Muscular Tissue: Properties, Types, Structure and Functions

The tissue which are responsible for locomotion and for the movement of the different body parts is called muscular tissue. The muscle cells are often called muscle fibres due to elongated shapes of the cells. Muscle tissue is a specialized tissue which composed of fibres of muscle cells. They control the movements of an organisms … Read more

Parental Care of Amphibia

There are about 8100 known living amphibians, of which nearly 90% are frogs. Amphibians first appeared about 340 MYA (million Years Ago) ago during the Middle Mississippian Epoch of the Paleozoic Era.  Frog, newts, toads, caecilians, salamanders are the modern amphibians which have various characteristic features. Parental Care of Amphibia Parental care is one type … Read more

Amazon Sword Plant: Care Fact and Propagation

Amazon sword plant is the most popular and common freshwater aquarium plants which is available in the pet stores with sensible cost. There are two popular varieties of amazon sword plant of which one is Echinodorus bleheri that has broad leaves while another variety is Echinodorus amazonicus that contains narrower leaves. These plants provide great … Read more

Fish Food Types Based on Food Intake

Food is the essential components of life for every living thing in the living world. Every living thing, regardless of plant or animal, takes food from its own environment. So the nutrition of any animal depends on the intake of food and water. Animals consume food for three main purposes, namely: (1) Food provides energy … Read more