Frequently Asked Questions

You should regularly read frequently asked questions to know the a-z of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Some important questions and their answer are described below:

Q: How Can I Maintain Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium?

The aquarium is a closed system where aquatic organisms live together. Many aquarists prefer a saltwater aquarium due to lots of colorful fish in the marine habitats. But saltwater aquarium is not easy to keep up. Salt in the marine aquarium acts as corrosive agents which can damage aquarium equipment. In this case you should do regular check for cleanliness of the aquarium to prevent damage from salt.

Freshwater aquarium is easy to maintain than saltwater aquarium. To keep your aquarium good looking weekly cleaning is sufficient. For beginner`s fish keepers, it is suggested to set up a freshwater aquarium

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Q:What is The Best Temperature For Your Tropical Aquarium?

The temperature is the most important factor in the aquarium environment. To keep your fish vigorous, cheerful, and brightly colored and the aquarium plants grow well under aquarium condition, it is necessary to know exactly what temperature should be in the aquarium. Because water temperature of the aquarium effect directly on the health of fish. When you start the aquarium, you should keep in mind that each type of fish do well with its own water temperature. Some fish likes cool water, and other is more thermophilic. Most of the aquarium fish prefers suitable temperature which ranges from 22 to 26 °C (71.6 -78.8 °F). Some fish prefers somewhat higher temperature that range from 28 to 31 °C (82.4-87.8 °F). These include discus and labyrinthine fishes while goldfish prefer a cooler water temperature which varies from 18 to 23 °C (64.4-73.4). Goldfish can also live quite a long time with temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). To know the current temperature of your Aquarium you must have Best Aquarium Thermometers.

Q: What is The Role of Decorative Objects in an Aquarium?

Decorative objects play an important role in an aquarium. It creates an appropriate environment in your aquarium and provides suitable hiding spot for your aquarium fish. Aquarium fish like to swim around them and hide in schedule places. Decorative objects also help to keep the aquarium beautiful with healthy fish and make your aquarium good looking appearance. A large number of different decorative objects such as Artificial plants are used in aquarium. In this case you should choose only natural substances and live plants as a decorative object than artificial ones. Because unnatural decorative objects such as plastic toys, plants and other products are not only harmful to fish but also do not bear anything beautiful.

Q: What are The Benefits of Live Aquarium Plants in an Aquarium?

Aquarium plants are essential items for any aquarium. They play an important role in maintaining biological balance in the aquatic environment of the aquarium. They enrich the dissolved oxygen in the water, which plays a vital role to maintain metabolism for the life of fish. They also perform to clean the aquarium water. In aquarium condition they have ability to absorb mineral substances which are harmful to fish. It helps to control water hardness. Many fish species use plants as a hiding place or they lay eggs on plant leaves or in safe thickets during the spawning period. Some fish use some plant materials to build a nest. Floating algae serve as a shelter for baby fish after spawning. Some algae are the main food for herbivorous fish and provide vitamin supplements in the diet for omnivorous fish. Overall, plants make aquarium a more natural habitat and keep your aquarium fish happy.

Q: What Kind of Fish Can be The Best Tank Mates of a Betta?

Betta is also known as Siamese fighting fish. It is a territorial fighter. Generally male betta fights with other male and many other types of fish. It is not recommended to keep a male and a female in the same tank because the male shows dominance and kills the female betta. You can keep at least two female bettas together. In this case aggression may occur. There are some fish that can be kept with your betta. Among them Tetras, danios, barbs, rasboras, platies, mollies, swordtails, white cloud mountain minnows, Bristlenose Plecos, Loaches, Pygmy Corydoras catfish are the best tank mates for your bettas. Bettas should not be kept with guppies, gouramis, cichlids, tiger barbs, Siamese algae eaters or long-finned fish such as goldfish, as the betta might nip at the fins.

Q: How long should I allow lighting on in a planted aquarium?

Light is an essential physical factor in growing plant for your aquarium. It impacts physiology and fish behavior. It is essential for the general wellbeing and prosperity of the whole aquarium. Aquatic life straightforwardly relies upon nature of light. The aquarium should not be kept under direct daylight since daylight just advances the growth of algae in the aquarium. You should not permit the aquarium lights on for 24 hours every day. This leads to the ultimate death of fish and plants. Light must be turned off during the night time in the aquarium. Generally the optimal light hours ranges from 10 to 14 hours for planted aquarium. But 10 hours light a day is a good average for most aquariums. If you introduce new live plants to your aquarium, it is best to permit the light on for longer period which gives the plants a better chance to take root. For excessive growth of algae, you should shorten the periods of light time; this will retard the algae growth. It is also good to allow the aquarium lighting on longer in the winter for best growth and the healthiest aquarium plants.

Q: How can I control the excessive algae growth in an aquarium?

In freshwater aquarium, algae are common problems. Algae are unicellular and multi-cellular plants which belong to the lower plants. Algae are recorded with live food for fish. They appear due to debris in the water and excessive sunlight. When the new aquarium is just installed, it is filled with fresh water and planted with plants. Plants take time for them to take root and grow but algae adapt much faster, and create water blooms, as soon as algae get enough nutrition from your aquarium. To prevent nutrients from accumulating in the water, do not over feed the fish. If your aquarium is placed under direct sunlight, it is good for plants, but not for water in the tank. In this case, you can close one side of the tank from sunlight. If algae already appeared on the walls of the aquarium, they can be removed using a sponge. You can also use freshwater snails or algae eating fish to control algae that feed on algae. They will happily clean your aquarium.

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