Best Substrate for Planted Tank-2022: Choose the Best One

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For maintaining a healthy aquarium environment, the planted aquarium is essential. Plants provide hiding spots for fish; maintain oxygen level and algae growth. Proper lighting, water circulation, and the best substrate for planted tank are needed to ensure the optimum growth of plants. The nutrient-rich substrate provides space where aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria grow. … Read more

Best Protein Skimmer-Reviews and Comparison Guide 2022

The aquarium is a closed artificial reservoir where often densely aquatic inhabitants keep together. Gradually, it builds up organic residues overtime in the form of waste material such as uneaten foods, dead parts of plants, dead animals, debris, and other harmful matters. It is very very important to remove all the harmful waste materials from … Read more

Best Fish Food: Guide & Reviews For 2022

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For growing and multiply fishes need best fish food. Foods supply energy which helps to maintain metabolic process, enhance growth and reproduction. Feeding of fish should be proper to avoid poor water quality. Improper feeding causes water pollution which is the main cause of fish death. Aquarium fish food is originated from plant and animal … Read more