Seachem Flourish Root Tabs Vs API Root Tabs: A Complete Comparison

Root tabs are of chemical compounds that can be placed in an aquarium to provide plants with essential nutrients. They are available in both tablet and capsule form.

Root tabs contain nutrients and minerals which are essential for keeping your aquarium plants happy and healthy. It offers a strong foundation for the growth of healthy plants. Aquarium plants love root tabs because of their mineral-rich content.

In the market, root tabs are available in different sizes with different qualities. The quality of your root tabs will depend on a lot of things such as whether or not it’s organic or synthetic, quality control and company reputation. It is used to feed aquarium plants and are easy to use.

Root tabs are made from a special water-soluble material that is absorbed by roots and surrounds the cell walls of aquarium plants. When the root tabs are consumed, they cause a minor physiological change in your plant’s root structure and when then plant roots absorb this material, it helps stimulate the growth of new roots.

Choosing the correct root tabs for your aquarium plants is very tough due to its various options found in the market. For choosing the appropriate root tabs for your aquarium plants, you should know some essential factors including efficiency, stability and reasonability.


• You have to use it only one time each month;
• It does contain both micro and macronutrients;


• It is less efficient for plants that are water feeding;

In this article, we will look at the best API Vs Seachem Root Tabs. Both are perfect, however there is a distinction in cost and quality.

Seachem Flourish Root Tabs Overview

Seachem Flourish root tabs are a convenient and effective way to promote healthy root growth for your aquarium plants. This tab includes a variety of beneficial ingredients including SuperThrive, Activated Algea Scrubber and Micro Linker.

Flourish root tab is rich in iron, Nitrogen, Phosphate, Soluble Potash, calcium, potassium, choline B12, inositol, etc. It is used to provide nitrogen and phosphorus to aquarium plants. It is purer than some other products on the market, because it contains no additives or artificial detergents.

The Flourish root tab is a high concentrated fertilizer that works in all freshwater, including hydroponics, to promote plant health. This unique formulation keeps plants healthy, vibrant and flowering all year round.

It contains very small amount of copper which does not harm for your shrimp, fish and invertebrates. It is easy to use and you can use it for your high-demanding plants.

These Flourish tabs are great for freshwater aquarium plants. They are easy to use and maintain, ensuring your aquatic plants thrive throughout their life cycle. They have a long shelf-life, so you can stock up for the long season ahead.

It also contains nutrients and antioxidants to help your aquarium plants support vigorous growth.

Flourish tabs can be added directly to aquarium water where they will actively supply the plants with trace elements and micro nutrients that they need to grow.

The Flourish Root tabs contain 50 percent micro-nutrient rich organic and inorganic nutrients, including Purigen. It is made using the highest quality standards. This root tabs are great for use as a general purpose supplement to the aquarium plants.

Flourish Tabs are a nutrient complex of nutrients and enzymes designed to support the growth of freshwater aquarium plants. Each tablet contains an easily dosed 3-5-5 formula including KNO3, Ca/Mg, Iron, Mg, Cysteine Hydrochloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate and Chlorsulfuron.

Unlike many other brand’s supplements, Seachem’s tablets are completely free of binders, fillers and other ingredients that may cause unnecessary discoloration in your water.

Flourish Tabs is a high quality, highly effective root tabs for freshwater aquarium plants. Each attractive tab contains the correct combination of high quality freshwater plant nutrients required by your aquatic plants to thrive. Flourish Tabs provide unprecedented natural fertilization that plants require to grow strong and healthy.

Flourish tabs are highly nutritious, chemical-free and can be used with invertebrates such as shrimp, copepods and snails. The tabs contain macro and micro nutrients that will help boost your plants’ performance.


Seachem Flourish root tabs are effective for freshwater aquarium plants. It is a non-GMO and completely natural fertility product that helps plant roots to flourish.

This root tab also acts as a soluble fertilizer so you can instantly add nutrients in hard to reach spots, such as the substrate corners or side walls of your tank.

Seachem Flourish root tabs ensure your freshwater aquarium plants will have a reliable source of nutrients and will thrive under stressful conditions such as poor lighting or fluctuations in pH from aggressive algae.

Seachem Flourish Root tabs contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals and other important ingredients needed to continue healthy growth under stressful conditions.


Seachem Flourish root tabs contain the proper balance of macro, micro, and trace elements to grow aquarium plants. They also work impressive as a general supplement and are easy to use. The Seachem Flourish root tabs are affordable for freshwater aquarium plants, containing value for money.

Each packet of Seachem Flourish Root tabs contains 5 delicate root tabs which will enhance growth, color and overall beauty when placed in a clean, well-lit environment.

These Flourish root tabs contain the high quality ingredients that can be used to enrich the nutrients in your aquarium water, helping your aquatic plants thrive. Flourish root tabs are easy to use and are safe for all types of aquatic life.


• It does not contain significant amount of nitrite or phosphate as an ingredients;
• It does not produce over population of algae;
• It is composed of essential trace elements, amino acid and vitamins;
• It is rich in iron with inositol, choline B12 and other minerals such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium with other nutrients;
• It is safe and suitable for shrimp, fish and other aquarium organisms;
• It is complete product for your freshwater aquarium plants;
• It stays a few months in the aquarium with no worry;
• It is the best tab for the improvement of plant`s root development;
• It helps to grow a scenic aquatic park in your living apartment;


• In general, seachem root tabs do not change the water pH. In many times, seachem root tabs may cause acidic water by affecting water pH. In this case, you should use these tabs with buffered water.

API Root Tabs Overview

For proper growth of plants, fertilization is required. If you do not supply proper fertilization, your plants become gradually yellow, growth can be stunted, falling of leaves will occur and finally, it will lead to death.

Aquarium plants can provide cover and hiding places for fish, help to remove toxins from the water, and add a splash of color and life to your tank.

API root tab is also the best root tab among the aquarium enthusiasts which contains essential nutrients including carbon, potassium and iron. It is formulated to grow strong roots for your plants.

It contains more nitrogen and iron than Seashem Flourish tabs. It does not contain any micronutrients and it does provide enough nutrients for flourishing growth of your plants.

Api root tabs are perfect for new plant settle in your freshwater aquarium. It also offers a nutritious enhancement to your existing aquarium plants.

This excellent root tabs are safe and harmless for tropical community fish, goldfish, cichlids and other aquatic organisms.

If you use this tabs, it helps to control algae growth, enhances beneficial bacterial growth in your tank. It also helps to minimize and cure various fish diseases such as fin rot and ich. After all, it provides safe, harmless and friendly environment for fish, plants and other aquatic organisms.

It can dissolve very quickly in water than other any tabs. In this case, you should use it proper way in aquarium soil otherwise, it can create some problems including algal problems, cloudy water or ammonia spikes, etc.

API root tabs are specifically designed to provide nutrients to plants and help them to grow faster and healthier. These tabs can be placed directly into the soil of your aquarium and will slowly release nutrients over time, giving your plants the boost they need to thrive.

This easy-to-use product will help your plants take root and grow quickly, adding some extra beauty to your aquarium in no time.

Using Procedure of API Root Tabs

To promote your healthy plant growth, you should add API root tabs to the aquarium gravel bed. Tabs should be used one time each month to confirm best results. In this case, one tablet is perfect for each 30 square inches in aquarium gravel surface which is pushed midway into aquarium gravel bed. If you have 10 gallon tank, you have to use 6 tablets for optimum growth of plant. In each month, you should use new tablets to keep your plants healthy.

Key Features

• It is easy to use;
• It is a perfect complement for your aquatic plants;
• It provides key nutrients to new and existing aquatic plants;
• It helps to strengthen the roots of plants and optimize growth of plants;
• It also promotes vibrant growth of aquarium plants;
• It is safe and suitable for freshwater tanks and their environments;
• It is a nourishing plant fertilizer that contains essential ingredients such as potassium, carbon and iron;


• It provides a small part of potassium, carbon and iron.
• It is safe for your tropical fish;
• It is easy to use; In this case, you simply add tabs to your aquarium gravel bed each month;
• It helps flourishing your plant growth;
• It does contain essential nutrients that are useful for plant growth;
• It is suitable for existing or new aquarium plants;
• It stays long time after uses;
• It is inexpensive to purchase;
• It offers a better range of nutrients for your aquarium plants;


• In many cases, it can make cloudy of aquarium water when added;
• It starts to dissolve easily before burying them in the aquarium substrate, as a result it makes difficult to use;
• Another drawback of API root tab is that it is only sell in packs of 10 which is not economical than other root tabs;

Comparison of Ingredients Between API Root Tabs and Seachem Flourish Root Tabs

IngredientsAPI Root TabsSeachem Root Tabs
Mineralized top soilYesUnknown

A Quick Comparison of API Root Tabs and Seachem Flourish Tabs

Products Name Image Details Price

Seachem Flourish Root Tabs

• Seachem Flourish Root Tabs contain phyto-hormones which helps to stimulate direct growth of plants;
• It does contain essential micro-and macronutrients;
• It also contains various minerals which are very essential for the best plant growth;
• If you have heavy root feeders such as Amazon swords, various crypts, Flourish Tabs are best choice;
• It does not pollute the water because releases of nutrients does not occur in water column;
• In this case, all the nutrients stay in the aquarium substrates;
• It is perfect fertilizers for root feeding plants;
• In general, Seachem Flourish Tabs have less levels of macronutrient, but it contains large scale of micronutrients;
• Seachem Flourish Tabs are ok for fish and invertebrate, however a few aquarium specialists make tracked down negative impacts on the off chance that the substrate is kicked up;
• Seachem tabs are exceptionally simple to suck up if utilizing a gravel vacuum.
Over the long run, seachem tabs can be costly for bigger tanks;
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API Root Tabs

• API roo tab is perfect choice for planted fish tanks;
• The main ingredient includes carbon, iron, potassium, and other minerals;
• It helps to keep your plants healthy;
• It only needs to be changed each month which makes easy maintenance;
• It doesn’t contain copper. So it has no harmful effect on delicate invertebrates.
• In general, API Root Tabs have a superior macronutrient content, but it deals negligible micronutrients;
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API vs Seachem Flourish Root Tabs: Which Is Better?

Seachem flourish root tab is the best root tab based on my practical use than API root tabs. Because, it has the following best properties:

• Seachem flourish root tabs are long-lasting tabs;
• It contains micro and macronutrients with vitamins;
• It develops strong growth of your plants;
• It is easy to use;
• It requires one tablet for 10 gallons aquarium or for every 10-15 cm radius aquarium areas;
• It contains some effective ingredients for plant growth such as iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and potassium;
• In this case, manganese, magnesium and iron supply sufficient energy for plants;
• Potassium helps to maintain the balance of water of a plant body;
• This tab also contain inositol that helps to transport a plant hormone for stimulating the plant growth;
• Zinc of the tabs help the formation of chlorophyll which is essential element of photosynthesis;

Ingredients of Root Tabs

The main ingredients of root tabs are chemical fertilizers and trace elements. These ingredients will ensure plants growth. Main ingredients of root tabs include red clay or mineralized soil which provides macronutrients to plants such as carbon, iron and phosphate. In many cases, some root tabs contain micronutrients for plant growth. They have water soluble properties and no toxic elements are present for your aquarium fish.

Are Root Tabs Safe for Your Aquarium Fish?

Root tabs are an easy way to fertilize your aquarium and they are fairly safe for fish in low concentrations. However, it is important to use root tabs sparingly, as too many nutrients can lead to algae growth. When using root tabs, it is also important to monitor the tank closely and perform regular water changes to keep the water quality high.

However, there are a few potential risks that you should be aware of. First, if you use too many root tabs, it can raise the levels of nutrients in your aquarium too high. This can lead to algae growth and other problems. Second, root tabs can release chemicals that can be harmful to fish if they are ingested.

Durability of Root Tabs to Work

Root tabs slowly release nutrients, which means that they will release nutrients over time instead of all at once. This makes them a great option for plants that need a steady supply of nutrients.

Root tabs usually take around 4-6 weeks to start working. This is because they need to break down in the soil before they can start releasing nutrients. Once they start working, you should see a difference in the health of your plants.

So, how long does it take for root tabs to work? It depends on the type of root tab you are using. Some root tabs take effect immediately, while others may take a few weeks to start working. If you are unsure how long it will take for your root tabs to work, you can always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Number of Root Tabs Should You Use?

The number of root tabs you use will depend on the size of your aquarium and the type of plants you have. A general rule of thumb is to use one root tab per gallon of water. So, if you have a 10-gallon aquarium, you would use 10 root tabs.

Of course, you can adjust this amount up or down depending on the health of your plants and the results you are seeing. If your plants are looking healthy and active, you can reduce the number of root tabs you are using. If your plants are looking unhealthy or sluggish, you can increase the number. But in this case, you always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using root tabs.

Which Aquarium Plants that Need Root Tabs?

There are two main types of plants that need root tabs: hardy, cold-water plants and soft-leaved plants. Most commonly used aquarium plants include java fern, Java Moss, Dwarf Baby Tears, Amazon Sword, African Water Fern, Anubias, and hornwort, etc. Many more types of aquarium plants require root tabs.

If you have an aquatic plant in your tank, you will need to provide High Quality Root tabs. Aquarium plants take nutrients (such as Iron) from the water and use it to create their own food, which is then absorbed by their roots.

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Final Thoughts

Root tabs are of chemical compounds that can be placed in an aquarium to provide plants with essential nutrients. They are available in both tablet and capsule form. Root tabs are used as a supplement to your aquarium’s water making it highly effective in establishing healthy and robust growth of aquarium plants. It is similar to root fertilizer of vitamin tablets that ensure sufficient nutrients as a result you plants do not suffer from nutrient deficiency.

Seachem Flourish tabs are a complete feeding program designed to maximize growth and vigor of your freshwater aquarium plants, while also working quickly and efficiently to deliver nutrients directly to the root zone. Each tab contains the optimal levels of nutrients required for optimal plant health and growth, allowing them to be used as part of your regular water changes or in conjunction with other artificial leaf products like Seachem Flora, Seachem Ammonia Boost and Seachem Iron Supplement.

Seachem Flourish tabs is the best root tabs among the aquarium plants enthusiasts. It is available in the market with reasonable costs. It is beginner-friendly root tab which contains trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. It helps to improve water clarity, and increase the capacity of aquarium filtration. If you make your aquarium plants healthy, I recommend you to use the Seachem Flourish Root Tabs with no worry.