Cat, Dog, and Fish – Which One Is The Better Pet For Your Child?

When we think about pets, the most common animals that come to our mind are the ‘Dogs’ and ‘Cats.’ People used to argue often on the point that which one is better! The argument can never be solved easily, in fact, it’s not possible to come to a single decision about it, especially when it’s for your child.

You’ll have to take a decision considering every possible issue regarding your child’s age and strength, health condition, habit, capacity to look after and others. For pet like a dog or cat, there are so many other things to consider as well. You can’t ignore the necessity of perfect fencing, feeding, maintenance, mess cleaning, and many others. Pet’s type and habit are essential as well.

We know, as a pet the dogs and cats have a different appeal, but still, you can think some other safe and full of fun creatures like “Fish.” For your baby, this is probably the most reliable possible pet.

The pet fish can never make any harm to your child other than providing fun, although a significant flaw of having pet fish is that the child can’t touch them and won’t be able to build a close relation to them.

However, there are many reasons for what we can say that the pet fish are good better as a pet for your child if he is much younger and unable to handle a pet like a dog or a cat-

  • Looking after a fish requires minimum effort and time, even sometimes once in a week. You need not clean the aquarium like cleaning a carpet where a cat or dog lies. You can’t see a fish urinating or pooping like other pets. There won’t be an intense odor in the aquarium, which you would find from a dog’s bed.
    Even the most sensitive noses (adults or babies) can tolerate the mild odor coming out of the aquarium tank. For an orderly house, the aquarium fish are the best pet option that can offer complete fun to your baby.
  • Compared to most other pets having soft nature or wild nature, the fish is entirely risk-free for a baby to play with. Neither it can hit him, nor it can transmit any virus or disease. Most of the pets tend to be allergenic, where the fish is safe and secured as they are hypoallergenic. 
  • Pets like dogs and cats have the variety for sure; you will get different types of them out there in the market to buy. It’s not much like the types of fish.
    Around 32,000 species of fish are available there ranging from the small and classic goldfish or lionfish to most massive white shark.
    Among them, a substantially large number of fish are handy for keeping in your aquarium at your house as your baby’s pet. And, all of the fish look very beautiful and clean.
  • Other than a few types of fish, most of them don’t cost too much. You can easily afford them. Moreover, they require very minimal things to nurture or bring up, e.g., an aquarium, an air (oxygen) supply device, some inside decoration, and food for the fish.

However, we have considered the benefits and disadvantages of dogs and cats as well. After having a comprehensive analysis, we’ve come to an end with the decision that all of them are good if they are taken as a pet according to the necessity and precision of your baby and home environment. For your better understanding, we would like to make it more specific-

  • You should buy a dog or cat only if your child is ready to take responsibility for the pet.
  • If your toddler mostly loves to cuddle or lift the pet, then we suggest you buy a dog or pet. But prefer the small and calm species, e.g., Golden Retriever Dog, from the dog or cat varieties.
  • You can buy larger dogs only if your child is old enough to handle the pet or its wildness.
  • A freshwater aquarium fish can be a good pet with full of fun and excitement for toddlers if they enjoy watching and observing the fish and happy only with it. It’s harmful if they expect something like cuddling or lifting the pet(fish).

Final Words

You can pick any of them following your child’s age, health, habit, and capacity along with consideration of the house environment, risk assessment, cost-effectiveness, and other facts. We will try to discuss more on every issue in the coming articles.

Happy reading!

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