Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage Review

Choosing the best cage for your pet friends is more challenging job. To make your job easy, I have made survey in the pet market for selecting the best cage for your pet. In this case, Critter Nation Cage is the best choice among the pet enthusiasts.

The Critter Nation Cage offers a brand new, quality design in pet travel. Made with solid metal parts and a plastic tray that prevents spills, this cage features a full-width front door, which provides the pet more room to move around. The exclusive front-to-back wire spacing creates more usable space for pets. Comes complete with an easy-to-remove top and bottom feeder with a spill guard and convenient pour-through door.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage

This all-welded, heavy-duty, pre-galvanized steel cage is a great way to house and transport small pets. Midwest deluxe critter nation features a hinged front door, pull-out bottom grille, removable metal tray, slide-out metal feeding tray, and slide-out waste grate that make cleaning easy. The complete cage measures of Model-162: 36 inches L x 24.0 inches W x 63.0 inches H.

Your pet needs a home that is both spacious and secure, but still easy to move from room to room. The Midwest deluxe Critter Nation Cage is the ultimate playpen for your pet friend. The cage features a dual entryway with doorways on both sides – perfect when you need to let your pet out in a hurry! Made with high-quality steel, it is designed to last.

The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage offers a tremendous value for your money by providing all of the creature comforts and safety features you have come to expect from Midwest products — at an unbelievable price that is hard to beat! This spacious all-steel cage has a convenient top and front opening a door, a built-in playpen, and a play yard that can be separated from the cage itself — perfect for smaller pets.

With a total height of 63 inches and an expanded living space of over 2 square feet, you will be sure to turn heads with your pet. This updated version of our Critter Nation includes a full-sized grate on the bottom level for safe use on all floor types. However, it can also be used in half-grate mode with easy to snap-in half-grates. All parts are made with heavy-duty plastic to make cleaning easy.

Our larger deluxe Critter Nation cages are ideal for fashionable of fitters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals. The large size of the cage along with a deep litter area keeps your pet more comfortable while providing a safe environment where they can thrive.

A sturdy metal wheeled cage with a rounded bar design. The Midwest Critter Nation Cage is a great choice for hamsters and other small pet critters.

The Midwest Critter Nation is a two-story cage that offers your pet the ability to move between floors and gives you the ability to separate it into two pens.

Crack and chew prevention all while allowing your pet to see out, easy to clean, and built-in handles.

Key Benefits of Critter Nation cage

  • It is made using half-inch metal wiring making the cage safe and durability with an attractive gray-quartz hammer tone finish;
  • It has leak-proof pans which help to prevent water, food, pet waste or other waste from reaching the floor;
  • It provides sufficient living space suitable for various pets such as Guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and more;
  • It includes full-width double doors feature that provides maximum access for feeding and cleaning;
  • It also features an adjustable shelf with a ramp ladder. The ladder is soft with a padded cover providing more security and comfort during the time of climbing up and down;
  • It is easy to assemble using no tools required;
  • This awesome cage includes 2 Leak-Proof Pans, 3 Ramps with Covers, 2 adjustable shelves, and easily navigable stand with 4 locking wheel casters;
  • The shelves and pans of this cage provide a sufficient and secure area for playing your pets;
  • Model-162: Dimension (L×W×H): 36 inch x 24 inch x 63 inch;

More Features of Critter Nation cage

The following more other features of the Critter Nation:

  • This cage is made using ½ inch gap bars. This bar gap is perfect for some of the smaller pets including rats. This type of bar gap helps to prevent the escape of your juvenile pets.
  • The cage contains horizontal bars which are appropriate for mounting or climbing helping to cherish their instincts.
  • This cage is made with double doors which provide easy access as a result you can easily get into the cage for clean-up and maintenance.
  • The cage includes modifiable shelves with plastic inserts. In this cage, you can easily change your shelve height for your critter. Besides, plastic inserts make easy cleaning of your cage.
  • The cage also features adjustable full-width shelves. It does not create any danger for your small pet if they are falling between the cage side and shelf.
  • The cage has locking casters which help to move your whole cage easily from one place to another place without creating any problem.
  • The cage also includes a locking ramp which helps to lock up between two levels against the cage for making to separate two pets.


  • The cage is durable and long-lasting;
  • It provides enough space for house 3 pets;
  • It is easy to clean due to its full-width doors;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • It is the perfect cage for your pets;
  • It provides great under-cage storage options;


  • It is slightly more expensive to purchase than most other options;
  • Ramp is built using plastic materials;


As a whole, made of safe non-toxic materials, this critter nation cage is a habitat fit for any small animal, pets, small dog or cat, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and so on.

Trusted by pet lovers everywhere, the Critter Nation Cage is the finest in easy-clean, escape-proof, and chew-proof cage design. The deluxe animal habitat provides critters with a three-story cage for maximum vertical space, plus all-around dual door access with slam latch security.

With the nation’s patented square tube construction and all-new removable bottom grille bars, cleaning is a snap. Including a steel carrying handle, heavy-duty locking caster wheels, and strong wire construction with the plastic base pan. Besides, extra-large powder coated wire spacing guards against destructive chewing habits, while four large doors offer secure easy access.

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