Nutrition in Plants: Role and Deficiency Symptoms

Nutrition is the process by which living organisms take their food for maintaining proper growth, metabolisms and replacement of tissue.  Plants nutrition occurs in two phases such as synthesis and assimilation.  Generally, plants nutrition is of two types such as autotrophic plant nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition. Autotrophic Plant Nutrition In autotrophic nutrition, the plant gains … Read more

Feeding Vegetables to Aquarium Fish

Fish needs the proper supply of energy to maintain metabolism in their body. To stay healthy and for maintaining the aquarium, properly feeding your fish should be done.  Fish foods differ from species to species and you should know what types of foods your fish need and how much food they require.  There are many … Read more

How to Add Rocks to your Aquarium

Adding rocks to the aquarium truly perk up the attraction and make the suitable environment for your aquarium inhabitants. You need to ensure that the rocks you put in your aquarium will not harmfully impact the environment. Besides these, the rocks should not contain any metal. Generally, metals rust under water which is not good … Read more

Lysosome and Its Functions

Lysosomes are single membrane-bound cytoplasmic organelles of most cells filled with a wide variety of hydrolytic enzymes that are involved in intracellular digestion.  The term “Lysosome” comes from the Greek word ‘lysis’, to separate and ‘soma’ body.  Sometimes it can be described as the stomach of the cell. In 1950, Belgian Cytologist Christian Rene de … Read more

How to Maintain pH Level in Your Aquarium

To keep aquarium inhabitants healthy, you should always maintain all the water parameters on regular basis. In general, the water of the aquarium is influenced by several physico-chemical parameters.  Among them, pH plays an important role to make the aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy.  Maintaining a suitable pH level in your aquarium is the biggest … Read more

What to Feed Newly Hatched Fish

Fish are the cold-blooded animal and they need the energy to make the body warm. In nature, fish eat several times daily if foods are available. Therefore, you should feed the fish as much as they can eat. The challenging job is to keep the newly hatched fry live and healthy. Newly hatched fish cannot … Read more