Brown Shrike-Lanius cristatus

Brown shrike(Lanius cristatus) is a passerine migratory bird of Bangladesh which belongs to the family Laniidae under order Passeriformes of class Aves. They are also known as also known as “butcher birds” due to their feeding habits. They are found in grassy areas along the hills of Bangladesh, in forests and even in scattered bushes.

Systematic Position

  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Subphylum – Vertebrata
  • Class – Aves
  • OrderPasseriformes
  • Family – Laniidae
  • Genus Lanius
  • Species Laniuscristatus

They can catch prey in the slightest darkness. They prey on small mammals, lizards, small birds and insects of various sizes. They come to Bangladesh from August to September. Then they left Bangladesh in April. The brown strike bird is seen calling at the sound of chir-ra-ra.

Physical Structure

The brown strike bird is about 8.5 inches in length. In  adult bird, the upper body, upper part of the head, base of the tail and the upper feathers of the tail are reddish brown in color. Anterior part of the head and the back of the eyes are white. Their tails are rufus brown. The wings of the brown shrike are brownish black. Their lower body, neck, cheeks and chin are white. Rufus colored seta is observed in the chest and abdomen. The female and male birds of the brown shrike are apparently identical.

Brown shrike(Lanius cristatus)-image


Brown shrike birds do not breed in Bangladesh. They make nest during breeding season in Siberia, Kamchatka, North Amur Land, Northern Mongolia, etc. Then the female bird lays eggs at home. They make incubation the eggs to produce young birds.