Best Retinoscopes: Review and Buying Guide

Retina transmits light down the optical nerve so you can see clearly in both bright and dim lighting conditions. The main function of the retina is to transform the rays of light (which strike the eye) into electrical impulses that travel through the optic nerve to your brain. This process allows you to see clearly and distinctly even in varying levels of illumination. The retinoscopes are a small, hand-held device used to examine the integrity of your retina in order to determine if there is disease present within the macula and/or other areas of your retina.

Although the Retinoscopes were first introduced over a century ago, they are still among the most common instruments used by eye physicians.

Retinoscopes, also commonly called reflex scopes and simply scopes, are instruments used to observe the reflection of light from the retina. They are most often used by ophthalmologists and optometrists as a quick method to test for abnormalities of the retina which might be caused by diseases such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. Retinoscopes have also been used in the diagnosis of a number of eye disorders, such as glaucoma.

The retinoscope has been in use since at least 1847, when James Boucher employed it in his study of glaucoma.

Retinoscopes enables quick and accurate measurement of refractive error in 10 seconds. It is portable, easy-to-use, and cost effective. The retinoscope is a hand-held instrument that allows anyone to diagnose common vision problems. It is still a valuable diagnostic instrument in eye examination and treatment planning.

Retinoscopes can be handheld or stand mounted and offer quality images even with patients having poor contact lens compliance, dry eye and cornea disease.

The retinoscope is a non-contact ophthalmoscope that allows eye specialists to observe the macula, optic nerve and retina at a great distance (“retinoscopical distance”). This feature contrasts with direct ophthalmoscopes’ close observation. It is thus possible to examine a patient’s retina even in a dark room.

Retinoscope provides you with the exact measurement of your visual field. There are three different types of retinoscopes in the market. See how each one works below to find the right eye chart for you.

A revolutionary new product is now available for improving the outcome of cataract surgery. The iCAT Retinoscope allows surgeons to quickly, easily, and consistently detect the white reflection that confirms the orientation of the visual axis.

The Best Retinoscopes we offer on this site are made from high quality materials.

Comparison Table of Five Best Retinoscopes

Welch Allyn 3.5v Streak Retinoscope Welch Allyn 3.5v Streak Retinoscope Welch Allyn 3.5v Streak Retinoscope
  • Our Rating:4.8 out of 5.0
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3.5V HPX Streak Halogen Retinoscope 3.5V HPX Streak Halogen Retinoscope Welch Allyn Elite 3.5V HPX Streak Halogen Retinoscope
  • Our Rating:4.7 out of 5.0
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Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope
  • Our Rating:4.6 out of 5.0
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Mars International Streak Retinoscope Mars International Streak Retinoscope Mars International Welch Allyn 3.5V Streak Retinoscope
  • Our Rating:4.5 out of 5.0
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Streak Retinoscope Ophthalmology & Optometry Streak Retinoscope Ophthalmology & Optometry Streak Retinoscope Ophthalmology & Optometry
  • Our Rating:4.5 out of 5.0
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Welch Allyn 3.5v Streak Retinoscope

The Welch Allyn 3.5v Streak Retinoscope with Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Handle 18342-VC is a battery-operated device that illuminates the eye for retinal observation and fundus photography. The device assists in diagnosis of such disorders as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. It is manufactured by Welch Allyn, Inc. Welch Allyn is a manufacturer of diagnostic and home health care equipment that has become an industry leader in medical diagnostic solutions

It is a compact, convenient, and portable examination tool for physicians to take their office anywhere they go. This lighted stylet has a built-in LED light that provides four levels of illumination from 15 lumens up to 105 lumens.

The Streak Retinoscope from Welch Allyn has been designed specifically for ophthalmic use. The main features include a free standing handle, a nickel-cadmium rechargeable handle and a highly effective retinoscope which is able to detect the presence of a red reflex in the retina at a great distance. It has 18 power magnification and an adjustable distance head for optimum viewing.

It is a non-mercury battery powered retinoscope. It has a rechargeable Ni-Cad handle and comes with a Smart Charger. It is designed for use by one person and is perfect for non-invasive measurements of total retinal thickness, the porosity of the outer retinal pigment epithelium (OPPE), and both macular and peripheral diabetic retinopathy.

The Welch-Allyn 18342 VFC Streak Retinoscope delivers quality color retinal images with an LED charge-coupled device camera. The soft touch rechargeable handle provides the convenience of battery-free patient dilation, and comes with 2 AA rechargable batteries. Includes color RPE adapter, carrying case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and one year warranty.

It includes a built-in light source, rechargeable handle, and non-chill ring on acorn illuminator enabling aspiration on patients with Young’s modulus of elasticity less than 50 psi., all in a package that is smaller more modern designed package.

This retinoscope is powerful and durable for high quality images and magnification. The 3.5v light source and indirect fiber optic light path keep eyes safe during tests thanks to the magnifying lenses inside.
The Welch Allyn Streak Retinoscope can be used with or without wires by plugging in the handle when desired. A shock-resistant function keeps this product reliable when used on accident victims, and an intensity wheel allows for easy adjustment of the retinoscope’s brightness.

The Streak Retinoscope Series are ideal for any type of illumination environment, making them great for emergency response situations. It also includes the new EZ View Backdrop which gives you better visibility of blood flow on the white backdrop.

This Welch Allyn Retinoscope uses powerful, medical-grade LED’s to make retinoscopy testing easier than ever.

A highly versatile and reliable instrument designed to help physicians assess cone and rod vision in the human retina. Three illumination modes: Continuous, Flashing and Metered Deliver an intense, infrared beam of light ideal for illuminating retina in mesopic conditions and determining the cone and rod vision and disease states in normal and abnormal eyes.

Welch Allyn Elite 3.5V HPX Streak Halogen Retinoscope

Welch Allyn Elite 3.5V HPX Streak Halogen Retinoscope is a diagnostic retinoscope that offers a versatile examination. It comes standard with a variety of filters and a camera feature which allow the user to record and measure anterior segment examinations while using the same device.

The 3.5V Elite Gold features a brighter LED light source, longer battery life and fewer moving parts for added durability. It also offers the ability to charge your Streak 3.5V Elite Gold through an external power source; simply plug the power adapter to the back of the scleral lens to charge it.

Welch Allyn Retinoscope 3.5V Elite Gold ER-1B Streak is a portable retinoscope with alligator style grips, perfect for pre-screening patients.

The Streak Elite Gold combines all the features of the standard Streak 3.5V with a sophisticated dark gray and gold design and enhanced performance in all clinical environments. The Streak Elite provides outstanding image quality and clarity, and is Welch Allyn’s most popular, most affordable and easy-to-use pediatric retinoscope.

It is the first and only independently tested and proven single point illumination LED retinoscope.

It is an ideal pediatric instrument for screening eyes for red reflex, fixation, pupil size, vertical fovial. The instrument is CE approved for public health use with risk group 2 or higher staff.

Streak Elite has a new and improved 300 lumen illumination system and an updated battery with a longer illumination time. Streak Elite is indicated for indirect ophthalmoscopy in any area of the retina, with special emphasis on demonstration of nerve fiber layer defects or leakage of dye. Streak Elite’s three-zone lighting system with adjustable contrast knob gives you maximum control of your view and features six bright illumination LEDs (3 flood, 3 spot) with red, blue, green, white, yellow, and orange filters.

Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope 3.5V

The Heine Beta Streak Retinoscope is a high quality streak retinoscope for use with either an oscillating mirror or a standard mirror system. The Beta Streak has a range of applications in eye care and the primary care setting; including visual field testing, measurement of visual acuity and other low vision tests such as dynamic perimetry. It has standard AV connector for any device with an AV port.

The Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope combines all of the features you need in a retinoscope into one convenient package. It is easy to use, fits virtually any examination situation, and comes with everything you need to examine the retina. It has a bright, high intensity light source which is visible even through dilated pupils. The heine beta 200 streak retinoscope can be used with or without your glasses, be worn over glasses or contact lenses, rotate 360° around the head.

The standard AV connector is designed to work with most major diagnostic software programs for streak retinoscopy, including PowerDocs, Navigate, OpSite, IconConnect, OVITI. The Beta 200 streaker is known for its ease-of-use.

This Beta Streak Retinoscope 200 with SONY 3.5V battery ensures excellent quality and clear views. The Beta 200 is a new generation of clinical instruments and represents the first step for many eye care professionals into the world of digital retinoscopy.

This Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope is an incredible tool for any clinician in the Dental Practice. It works in conjunction with your computer and your TV.

Many clinicians still use retinoscopy when examining the eyes of young children and when diagnosing simple vision problems. The streak retinoscope is a very popular model due to its simplicity and easy portability. The “Streak” feature in the Beta 200 Streak assures there is always a sharp reflection, irrespective of ambient light conditions.

The Beta 200 is a streak retinoscope equipped with a brand new lamp. It has proven optics, state-of-the-art electronics, and an extra-long battery life. The Beta 200 has tilt correction for astigmatism, auto focus, four filter levels, adjustable pupil sizes for adults and children.

This is a complete retinoscope that will enable you to examine the retina of your patient with two remarkable sources of light: Variable Illumination and a blue light mode. The light intensity is controlled by a dial with a built-in infrared filter. The intensity can be adjusted from 25dB to 100dB providing a wide range of levels of illumination. The Beta 200 is remarkably lightweight and designed for ease of use.

The Beta 200 is a complete redesign of the Beta 100. It has 20% more power, is lighter in weight, has an enhanced digital display and improved optics with distortion-free glass optics. The lights are 3 LED’s which last over 10 times longer than the old incandescent lights. The new electronics now incorporate LED blinking to let you know when it’s time to change batteries. The Beta 200 offers all the great features of its predecessor with additional benefits of more light output, higher resolution (5 times), 100 test speed (occurs 32 times faster) and now standard AV (RCA) video cables for recording.

Mars International Welch Allyn 3.5V Streak Retinoscope

The Mars International Welch Allyn 3.5V Streak Retinoscope with Dry Battery Handle is a high quality, reliable instrument that is easy to use and helps aid in the detection of early signs of eye disease.

It is portable and easy-to-use. The 3.5 V power source is rechargeable, has long battery life and the solid state circuitry offers reliable accuracy even in low-light conditions. The dry battery handle allows for easy adjustments as well as for disassembly and cleaning of the eyepiece lens opening.

Its Dry Battery Handle is great for helping you do everything you need to do when it comes to eyes. The package includes 4 dry battery handles along with 20 pairs of disposable Welch Allyn 30-D dry battery cells that are compatible with this particular set. There are even tear-off pads so that you can look at your frame up close or examine field guide records without damaging the books, thanks to the special design of the frame. What’s more, an SD digital key provides information on examination techniques for streak retinoscopy.

It is V-acknowledged, which allows the operator the option to recalibrate without interrupting the exam. This device uses one lithium battery, so you will need to purchase one in order to use it.

The Welch Allyn 3.5V Streak Retinoscope with Dry Battery Handle offers two different retinoscope heads, an illuminated retinoscope, and three light settings.

It is a diagnostic tool used to examine the patient’s retina for signs of disease such as macular degeneration, holes, swelling, and bleeding. It provides a fluorescent contrast that can assist in determining the exact location of a problem on the retina.

This handheld diagnostic tool features an ergonomic, textured handle that’s easy to hold on to while you’re performing vision examinations on your patients. It also comes with a dry battery cartridge, eliminating the need for messy solution refills.

Automatic shut-off prevents accidental drain of battery, which provides 3 times more power than standard Streak Retinoscopes. Both the dry battery handle and batery pack are equipped with battery life indicators to help ensure quality patient care.

This retinoscope features a fixed focal distance of 15 inches. First-to-market intravenous (IV), intranasal, oral, spinal, tracheal, nasogastric (NG), ophthalmic, urologic devices.

It is an essential diagnostic tool used by physicians, nurses, and physicians’ assistants. It provides a direct ophthalmoscopy image for opthalmologists, family practitioners and nurse midwives. It produces a blue-white flash of light that reflects from the fundus reflect off the retina to provide a clear image of the retina.

Streak Retinoscope Ophthalmology & Optometry

The Streak Retinoscope Ophthalmology & optometry is a special type of retinoscope that features a streak light in the end of the scope for ophthalmology and optometrist purposes.

The Streak Retinoscope is an invaluable device for ophthalmology and optometry practice. This Handheld Portable streak retinoscope has high-contrast black tube, low-position adjustable illumination lamp, 3 interchangeable eyepieces with different powers (0.3x, 0.5x, 0.7x) and solid state image sensor for retina photography. It also includes the flexible connection wire makes it easily to be connected to the LCD display monitor or video camera. Besides, it can connect with ISC hospital eye care products so as to create the integrated medical system.

The multi-directional Streak Retinoscope can be carried in your handbag, pocket or pocketbook making it easy to measure the retinal periphery while treating children and adults. Features include: hanging loop; built-in lamp with replaceable bulb; an adjustable base with 2 clear lenses; and a large, viewable white plastic chart on an angle.

Designed to deliver outstanding performance with a sleek, modern design for optimum ease of use, the Streak Retinoscope from Ophthalmic Technologies delivers top-of-the-line technology in a lightweight, portable format that’s ideal for use by eye care professionals and students alike.

It is a versatile, high-quality retinoscope designed for assessing patients with ocular disease. It also features a non-contact measuring principle using a streak tube and an accurate digital display. The Streak Retinoscope can be used in a dark or well-lit room without loss of accuracy.

A simple, intuitive design makes it easy to use, even in low light situations. The curvature of the lens holder enables easy viewing since your eyes are positioned directly behind the lens holder rather than above it like on most other reflecting ophthalmoscopes. It has a solid feel and produces excellent images.

This professional quality streak retinoscopes, have been almost exclusively sold to ophthalmic physicians and their staff. This unit has been said to be the worlds smallest retinoscope.

The streak retinoscopes are an ophthalmic instrument used to help detect refractive errors of the eye. A hand-held instrument is directed towards the patient’s pupil and a light beam reflects from the retina at varying angles. When each eye is misaligned, this light beam will appear as a streak instead of a dot.

The Streak head light allows the standard Goldmann and Orthoptic streak retinoscopes to be used in low light or dark conditions. The streak head is fitted with a microprocessor controlled LED which provides a constant light source irrespective of the ambient light conditions.

It has a removable prism (± 10 dpt) and Fresnel lens (150mm focal length) to allow examination of the macular area of the retina.


A retinoscopes are a medical instrument designed to display the reflex of the pupil to light. It is used by optometrists, ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals to examine the internal structures of the eye such as the size, shape and light sensitivity of the pupil, as well as for obtaining images of the retina.

This instrument makes it easier for ophthalmologist to evaluate-refractions, examine patients.

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