Best Nano Reef Tank: Review and Buying Guide 2023

A reef tank is a saltwater aquarium which is used to keep live corals, other marine invertebrates and fish. In this case, coral nipping fish is not kept here. The best nano reef tank should have proper intense lighting, sufficient water movement and good water chemistry to thrive marine organisms.

Components of the Reef Tanks

Reef tanks have the following components:

Display tank: It is the primary tank which is used to keep and display marine organisms.

Stand: It is an important part of the tank which is used for placement of the display tank in any place. Aquarium stand also gives sufficient spaces for keeping accessory components.

Sump: It is an extra tank that is used to keep mechanical equipment. It is also used as clutter-free remote display tank.

Refugium: It is an additional tank which is used for cultivation of beneficial microflora, macroalgae and fauna. In many cases, the sump and refugium are often kept in a single tank which is separated by the compartment.  

Lighting: There are many lighting options available in the market for the reef keepers to house different types of coral.

Canopy: The canopy is an important part for keeping the light fixtures. It also helps access to the tank for proper maintenance and feeding.  

Filtration system and water movement: The reef tank includes a variety of filtration system with water movement plans.

A nano reef tank is one kind of salt water aquarium that have capacity less than 37 gallons or 140 liters. The popularity of nano reef tank is now increasing day by day among the pet fish enthusiast due to their smaller size. It is an inexpensive and maintainability is easy.  This type of nano reef tank includes lighting and basic filtration system.

The nano reef tank is a small sized tank that is more reasonably priced and easier to maintain. It provides a more beautiful look in your home.

There are many shapes and sizes of nano reef tank in the market today. But it is hard to purchase and choose the best nano reef tanks. For this reason, we have made a list of six top and best nano reef tanks for you by reviewing thoroughly that help you with the proper selection process. 

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Comparison Table: Six Best Nano Reef Tanks

Product Name Image Features

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED

-sleek design.
-LED lighting system.
-Built-in 24-hour timer.
-Automatic day night feature.
-Integrated filtration system

Fluval Sea Evo Saltwater Aquarium Kit

-Sleek design
-Waterproof casing
-Easy feed door
-3-stage filtration system

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

-Easy to set up;
-Long lasting LED lighting
-Complete care guide
-Water conditioner 

biOrb Halo Aquarium

-5-stage filtration system
-Compact size and bowl design.
-Multi-color LED lighting system

Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium

-Ultra clear glass made
-Rimless design
-Submersible pump included.
-Sleek appearance.

Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium

– 8 mm ultra-clear glass made;
-Filtration  system;
-With 50 LED light;
-European Eco pump included;

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED

Hello every one, you are looking for all stages nano reef tank then Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium is the perfect choice for you.
It is great for beginners to the experienced aquarium hobbyists.

It features a sleek modern hood with LED lighting system suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environment.

It also features an automatic 30 minute sunrise/sunset as well as 60 minute moonrise/moonset functions to repeat natural day cycle.

It is easy to maintain and install with compact and customizable integrated filtration system.

You can easily fit it in most corners or table tops without any hassle in your home due to its compact design.

The tank also includes built-in 24-hour timer with color enhancing LEDs channel. It also gives off bright white sparkling blue.

As a whole, the tank is outstanding but it does not include heater and stand which is only one downside.


  1. It is easy to install.
  2. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments.
  3. It is easy to maintain.
  4. It features a sleek modern hood.
  5. It includes LED lighting system.
  6. It has built-in 24-hour timer.
  7. It also includes automatic day night feature.
  8. It has compact and sleek design.
  9. Integrated filtration system
  10. It includes clear glass back panel that makes easy refugium set-up.
  11. It is well-suited with all existing BioCube accessories.


  1. It does not include heater.
  2. Check Price on Amazon

Fluval Sea Evo Saltwater Aquarium Kit

It is a powerful 3-stage system saltwater aquarium kit which makes the water crystal clean. The chemical, biological, and mechanical filter media systems can deliver super quality water inside the tank.

It includes powerful energy-efficient super bright 14000 K LED lighting system that helps to enhance strong healthy coral growth, fish colors and conditioning.

It is sleek design which is covered by all aluminum waterproof casing. The cover is removable which gives whole access to the back chamber without troubling any tank occupants.

It has stylish honeycomb design that looks ultra modern with multi-functional canopy and easy-feed door.

It includes powerful suction which may suck tiny corals inside. In this case, you should select the right marine organism to avoid sucking.


  1. It is sleek design aquarium
  2. It includes all aluminum waterproof casing
  3. It includes easy feed door
  4. t has powerful 3-stage filtration system
  5. It has powerful 14000 K LED lighting system
  6. Energy efficient


  1. It includes powerful suction which may cause to suck tiny corals.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

If you are beginner fish hobbyist, then the Marina LED Aquarium Kit is the perfect choice for you. It is a 20 gallon glass aquarium which is easy to set up. It includes everything that makes the aquarium wonderful world of fish-keeping.

It features a S20 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges that requires less than a minute for maintenance. It also includes LED lighting system that provides long-lasting, natural daylight-effect enhancing the brilliant coloration of your fish and coral.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit contains water conditioner, biological supplement and nutrafin fish food that make the aquarium more attractive to buy.

It comes with aquarium care guide that makes the aquarium set up easier. It is perfect for goldfish and other tropical fish.

This kit makes the new home for your fish coral and aquatic organisms. It also includes a filter which is not completely silent but it does make the good water quality suitable for aquariuPros

  1. It is easy to set up;
  2. It includes long lasting LED lighting for enhancing coral coloration;
  3. The kit includes complete care guide for making the aquarium set up easier;
  4. Nutrafin fish food included that make the aquarium more attractive to buy;
  5. It also features water conditioner and biological supplement


  1. It does not includes completely silent filter;

biOrb Halo Aquarium

If you are looking for a fish bowl, biOrb Halo Aquarium is the perfect choice for you. It is completely suitable for those aquarium hobbyists who keep a few fish to care of.

It is made using acrylic materials that is 10 times stronger than glass with 93 % transparent and 50% lighter.

It is easy to set up and the box includes all equipment for easily set up your tank instantly.

It has true 5 stage filtration system that includes mechanical, biological, chemical, oxygenation and water stabilization making sure crystal clear and good quality water.

It features multi-color LED lighting system with 16 preset colors and intensity control facilities. You can also control the lighting system distantly. The system is stress-free to house your fish and easy to set up.

It is a pleasant fish tank and especially it looks like a fishbowl that provides house for a few fish and other organisms. The tank includes strong filtration system so you should keep the right plants and corals inside the tank.


  1. It is made using acrylic material that makes the tank 10 times stronger than glass.
  2. It includes 5-stage filtration system that makes good quality water.
  3. It has compact size and bowl design.
  4. Multi-color LED lighting system.
  5. Easy to set up.
  6. Remote control lighting system.


  1. Filtration system is very strong.

Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium

If you are looking for a nano reef tank, Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium is the perfect choice for you. It is a beautiful and pleasant aquarium which is made of ultra clear glass that makes the aquarium more appealing.

The design is rimless with ultra-low iron glass that maintains natural coral and fish colors.

It also features a back filter, submersible pump and filter media with a bottom drain, top drain, and changeable directional flow.

In the pet fish market, the aquarium comes in three different sizes such as 4.14, 9.98, or 24 gallon. You may pick any one from the above versions that fulfills your requirements. This filter also includes a carbon filter, sponge filters and bio balls.

The bottom insulation pad, changeable return fitting technology with changeable flow rate enhances the water clarity and quality increasing the tank more appealing.


  1. It is made of ultra clear glass that makes the aquarium more appealing.
  2. Rimless design with ultra-low iron glass.
  3. It includes submersible pump with changeable directional flow.
  4. Sleek appearance.
  5. It enhances natural fish and coral colors.
  6. It comes in various sizes.
  7. Glass top reduces evaporation.


  1. Filtration system produces some noise.

Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium

If you are looking for nano reef tank that ensures optimum coral growth, Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium is the perfect choice for you. It features an all new Red Sea Reef LED 50 light that enhances coral growth and vibrant colors.

It also features a single optical glass with hollow lens for making homogenous light. The light provides spectacular coral coloration and a gentle sparkle inside the whole aquarium.

It also includes a separate 3 watt moonlight channel that gives short length light making reef-safe night time viewing.

This rimless nano tank has filtration and circulation systems with an automatic top-off unit making the tank environment healthy.

It is constructed from 8 mm ultra-clear glass that provides ultimate viewing experience.

It includes a European Eco pump with flow rate of 240 gallon per hour which circulates the entire water volume 12 times per hour through the filtration system.

The whole filtration system is located in the back sump that is put the lid on by a capable of moving screen for easy access.

It does not include the stand which is only the drawback of this nano tank.

After all, the Red Sea brand is well known brand in the aquarium world that does a good job when keeping coral and fish in this specific nano tank. Besides, the model has both contemporary and rimless designs giving fashionable look.


  1. It ensures optimum coral growth and colors;
  2. It is made of 8mm ultra-clear glass;
  3. It includes filtration and circulation system;
  4. It features an all new Red Sea Reef LED 50 light;
  5. It includes a European Eco pump with flow rate of 240 gallon per hour;


  1. It does not include stand;

How to Purchase the Best Nano Reef Tank

Size and Shape
The size is the most important thing to buy a nano reef tank because it directly influences the fish and corals inside the tank. If you have a big tank, it requires large-sized heater than a smaller tank. The bigger size tank provides more space and can hold more coral and fish.

The shape of the tank is also a important thing to consider, most of the nano tanks are cubes or cuboids. The cube shaped nano tank is definitely better than normal tank because it gives appealing look.

If you have a large space to keep a large tank, in this case, you have to buy a large nano tank with beautifully shaped design.

Components of the Kit
The most of the nano reef tank includes various kit components and other accessories. Among them, filtration system, heaters, LED light with timer or remote control is the most important. Because, these component help to run the aquarium smoothly and reduce costs making the kit more appealing to buy. During purchasing the tank, you should ensure that it include the above kit components.

In most cases, the manufacturer company gives all kits with the nano reef tank. The complete kit is an important that makes easy to set up and installation the tank helping to save money of purchasing all the parts separately.

In the reef tank, you should use live rock and sand which help to provide natural biological filtration in your tank. It also provides hiding space for the invertebrates and fish to burrow.

Besides, you should do partially water changes weekly basis to make the good water quality.

Lighting System

Lighting is an important part for any nano reef tank. It effects on coral growth and colors. Because, saltwater coral requires high color temperature LED lighting system while freshwater reef tank needs low temperature LED to grow perfectly which ranges from 6500-7500 k.

As a whole, you ensure at least more than one light channel in your nano reef tank that should have white, red, green and blue LEDs.

Filtration System

Most nano reef tanks include built-in filtration system. This may be two or three stage filters; in this case, you should consider the capacity of the filter. Three-stage(mechanical, chemical and biological) filters perform better jobs than two-stage filters and keeping water crystal clean.

Setting up Nano Reef Tank

The set up of the most nano reef tank is easy but some require a little modification to start working properly. It ensures the proper health of your fish and corals. The following set up process should follow for proper setting up of your nano reef tank:

At first, you should add salt water into your tank. If your tank does not include heater, you install it to keep the water temperature suitable level for fish and coral.

For keeping the tank, you should choose the suitable location and place it. It should not be placed it where direct sunlight is available.

During placing the tank, proper level should be maintained otherwise you face risk stressing one side of your reef tank. In many cases, some tanks break due to keep it uneven surface. So, extra care should be taken before placing the tank.

After placing the tank in right place, you should add sand and live rocks in your tank. The sand and live rocks provide natural biological filtration inside your tank making the crystal clear water and healthy environment for fish and invertebrates. Besides, sand and rocks also provide hiding space for your fish and corals.

Then, you can install the additional equipment with your tank following the set up instructions providing by the manufacturer company.

After fitting all the equipment, you add the pre-mixed saltwater at appropriate level and connect the lighting system.

Maintaining Your Nano Reef Tank

After setting up nano reef tank, the following steps should be kept in mind to run the tank perfectly.

Good Location
You should select the perfect location to keep your nano reef tank. It holds the tank perfectly without sinking and balancing. In this case, desktops or countertops are the most common good location to keep the tank which provides the suitable surface for placing the tank on.

Filling the Tank with Water
You should fill the tank with non-chlorinated water. In this case, you can use RO water that is available in pet fish market with sensible cost.

If you keep marine coral in your nano tank, you should use best quality synthetic salts. In this case, you should use hydrometer to monitor the concentration of salt before mixing it with the water.

Inserting an Appropriate Heating Equipment
For proper growth of coral, warm water is needed that should be between 70-85 0F. In this case, an appropriate heater is needed to keep the suitable level of water temperature. After installing the heater, you should check it that works correctly.

Filling the Tank with Suitable Substrate
Good substrate is required to keep your reef tank healthy. In this case, sand and live rocks are used at the bottom level which make thickness and forms a flat bottom surface. Besides, sand and rocks act as natural biological filtration.

Testing the Water Quality
You should test the water quality parameters to keep the tank water healthy. Routine check should be done to monitor the level of pH, hardness, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. In this case, ammonia level should be kept zero with nitrate level of below 20 ppm. Using appropriate filter can reduce the ammonia and nitrites level to zero.

Adding the Fish and Coral in the Nano Reef Tank
After doing everything well, you add coral and fish in your nano reef tank. Before adding fish in your tank, you have to ensure that the fish are compatible with the coral. To maintain proper health of your fish, the best food offers to fish. Besides, proper cleaning the tank should be done at regular intervals.

Final Thought

If you have limited space in your home, nano reef tanks are the best option for you. The nano tanks are also suitable to keep fish and coral to thrive. In the pet fish market, different sizes and shapes of nano reef tanks available. It is easy to set up and installation and you will keep it on the shelf or desk without taking up more space. Besides, most of the nano reef tanks include complete kit components which help you to set up the tank easier.