Best HOB Filters: Reviews Of The Top Ones – 2022

In aquarium condition, fish create waste materials which make pollution the aquarium water and finally influence on fish well-being. If you don’t expel the waste items from the tank, the risk to the aquarium fish health will increase. To get completely clear water, aquarium filters, as well as best HOB filters should be utilized.

Filters evacuate a wide range of waste items from your aquarium and make your aquarium condition sound. Picking of the best HOB filters relies upon aquarium size, number of fish and individual preferences. For better execution, you should choose the right filter since the filter is responsible to keep the clear water and free of particulate issue.

In the pet business sector, there are diverse sorts of aquarium filters. Among them, HOB filters are the most generally utilized aquarium filter. The HOB filter is also known as Hang on Back Filter.

The part of the HOB filter incorporates filter body, filter media cartridge and intake tube. This kind of filter is currently turning into a well known day by day among the pet fish enthusiasts on the pet fish markets because it doesn’t consume additional room inside your aquarium and help convey the best execution.

You can easily install it on the outside of the aquarium. Next, to these, it needs less upkeep and you can do effortlessly perfect and effectively change the filter media. This type of filter works with a combination of the biological, chemical and mechanical filtration system. To keep your aquarium condition spotless and healthy, we recommend you to utilize these sorts of  HOB filters.

Advantages of HOB filters

  • It is comparatively cheap;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Replacement of Filter media cartridge is easy;
  • They keep clean your fish tank;
  • They make your aquarium occupants cheerful;
  • These types of filters are available in the pet markets with sensible cost;

Comparison Table for Best Hob Filters

Product Name Image Aquarium Size Flow Rate

AquaClear Power Filter

05-110 gallons

80-300 GPH

Fluval C Power Filter

10-50 gallons

Up to 164 GPH

Marineland Penguin Power Filter

Up to 70 gallons

100-350 GPH

Seachem Tidal Filter 

55-110 gallons

250-450 GPH

Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter

10-100 gallons

80-300 GPH

Tetra Whisper Power Filter

Up to 60 gallons

90-330 GPH

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Powrer Filter

Up to 90 gallons

100-125 GPH

Marina Power Filter

10-20 gallons

55-92 GPH

API SuperClean Power Filter, size-30

Up to 30 gallons

130 GPH

Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series  Filter

Up to 80 gallons

400 GPH

AquaClear Power Filter Review

AquaClear Power Filter is a very favorite hang on back filter among the aquarium enthusiast due to its attractive appearance and powerful filtration system. In the pet market, it comes in 5 different models with different filtration outputs ranging from 80 – 300 GPH. These models are:

  • Style-20: For 5 to 20 gallons aquarium;
  • Style-30: For 10 to 30 gallons aquarium;
  •  Style-50: For 20 to 50 gallons aquarium;
  • Style-70: For 40 to 70 gallons aquarium;
  • Style-110: For 60 to 110 gallons aquarium;

This type of filter can work with a 3-stage filtration system (chemical, mechanical and biological filtration) using Activated Carbon, AquaClear Foam, BioMax, and Cycle Guard. In this case, Carbon, and Foam collectively remove solid waste products, provides optimal water distribution patterns and promote helpful bacteria colony.

These filters also help to maintain essential nitrogen cycle in your aquarium. It does not produce bad sound and you can easily install and maintain it. It meets the needs of different users due to its different water flow rates. The models have re-circulation grid which make recycling the water through the filter ensuring good quality water.


  • Easy maintenance and installation;
  • It runs silently;
  • It does work with a 3-stage filtration system;
  • They come in 5 different models which are suited for up to 110 gallons tank;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Easy to clean;
  • 2-year limited warranty;


  • It needs clean every two weeks;
  • It is moderately expensive;

Fluval C Power Filter Review

Fluval C Power Filter is another unbelievable HOB filter among the pet fish keepers due to its brilliant design and work performance. Set up of this filter is very easy and easier to clean. It efficiently filters and provides pure and crystal clear water to your aquarium.  It comes in the 5-stage filtration system.

  • First 2-stages: At first 2-stages, it traps both smaller and larger debris using a multistage PolyFoam sponge.
  • Third stage:  At the 3rd stage, it helps to remove other impurities, discoloration, and odors from the water with the help of an activated carbon. 
  • Last 2- stages: At final-2 stages, it removes ammonia and nitrites and helps to grow beneficial bacteria using bio screen as well as bio C Nodes.

In the pet business sector, this filter comes in three different sizes for 3 different aquarium capacities. These models include:

Style-C2: It is perfect for 10 to 30 gallons tank and it can filter up to 119 gallons water per hour.

Style-C3: It is suitable for 20 to 50 gallons tank and it can filter up to 153 gallons water per hour.

Style-C4: It is ideal for 20 to 50 gallons tank and it can filter up to 164 gallons water per hour.

This high-quality filter product is manufactured by a trusted brand name ‘Fluval’ company using best quality materials. This type of filter has a huge surface area which provides an incredible job of clearing out fine debris.  For getting better performance, you should clean the impeller cover once a year while the motor should be cleaned every three months.


  • Easy to clean;
  • Easy setup and maintenance;
  • It is suitable for tanks of different sizes;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • 5 stage and powerful filtration system;
  • It can produce pure and crystal clear water;
  • It provides adjustable and exciting water flow;
  • 2-year warranty;


  • It is expensive than other filters;
  • It produces some sound during operation;
  • Filter media need replacement every 5-6 weeks;

Marineland Penguin Power Filter Review

The Marineland Penguin Power Filter is a very smart HOB filter which is available in pet market with four different sizes that help make the decision to select the perfect one for your tank. This type of filter works with 3-stage filtration process which includes biological, mechanical and chemical.

This gorgeous filter uses bio-wheel technology which cultivates the beneficial bacteria that remove harmful waste matters such as ammonia and nitrates and keeps your aquarium crystal clear during the whole filtration process using biological filtration. 

It is configured with Penguin Filter Cartridge (Rite-Size) which traps debris and removes waste, odors and discoloration from your tank and provides mechanical as well as chemical filtration. The filter cartridge contains fast-acting Activated Carbon which makes maximum filtration efficiency.

For better performance filter cartridge should be replaced every 2-4 weeks. Bio-wheel should be washed with de-chlorinated water. In this filter system, an extra slot is present for inserting or adding filter media or cartridge.

The filter is also designed with Noise-Reducing Vented Covers and Adjustable Intake Strainers that provides complete water circulation and helps to make your tank maintenance easier.

The following table shows different Marineland Penguin Power Filter models with some key characteristics.

Model Name

Aquarium Size

Flow Rate

Cartridge (Rite-Size)


(L x W x H)

Penguin 100B

Up to 20 gallons

100 GPH


5″  x 5″  x 7.5″

Penguin 150B

20 to 30 gallons

150 GPH


8″  x 5.5″  x 6.75″

Penguin 200B

30 to 50 gallons

200 GPH


9″  x 5.25″  x 7.5″

Penguin 350B

50 to 70 gallons

350 GPH


15″ x 5.25″ x 7.25″

Package Includes:

  • Filter Cover
  • BIO-Wheel Cover
  • Impeller
  • Impeller Housing
  • Strainer
  • BIO-Wheel(s)
  • BIO-Wheel Bearings
  • Mid-Level Intake Strainer
  • Intake Tube
  • Extension Tube
  • Filter Cartridge(s)
  • Filter Box


  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • 3-step filtration system;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Cleaning process is easy;
  • It is designed with Noise-Reducing Vented Covers;
  • It is configured with Rite-Size Cartridges for trapping  debris and removing waste matters;
  • It is suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums;


  • For better performance, it needs regular cleaning;
  • Bio-wheel is generally delicate and breakable;

Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Filter Review

Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Bio-wheel Power Filter is a high-performance filter from Marineland Filter Manufacturer Company which is suitable for up to 80 gallons tank with a flow rate of 400 GPH.

This type of filter contains two bio-wheels which give space for beneficial bacteria in your aquarium. To make your aquarium fish happy and healthy, these beneficial bacteria remove waste products from your tank water. 

It is a unique dual-pump designed filter which delivers more water per hour and can do filter more water in a less time. It improves good water quality in your aquarium through 3 stage filtration process and makes your aquarium dangerous toxins and debris free.

Bio-wheel filter improves water quality in your aquarium using chemical, biological and mechanical filtration system. In the aquarium, this filter also increases oxygen level for your aquarium fish.

You can use this filter both for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. You can easily install and maintain it and its filter cartridge and other parts are available in the pet business sector with sensible cost.

Overall, it is an awesome HOB filter which produces low noise during operation and does not make any annoyance you and your aquarium fish. We prescribe you to purchase this brilliant filter for your Aquarium. 


  • Durable, long-lasting and powerful filter;
  • Quiet and efficient operation;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • 3-stage filtration system;
  • Two bio-wheels with duel pump design for best biological filtration;
  • With extra long and adjustable intake tube;
  • Provide high flow rate;


  • It becomes slight noisy after a lot of use;
  • Debris can block the spray bar and prevents running bio-wheel;

Seachem Tidal Filter Review

Seachem Tidal Power Filter is a high performance hang on the back filter which makes high-quality filtration to maximize aquarium water quality in your aquarium.

It is very popular and attractive filter among the pet fish keepers due to its easy installation and maintenance. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

This filter comes in 3 different sizes and you can use it for 55, 75 and 100 gallons tank with a flow rate of 250, 350 and 450 GPH respectively.

This filter includes a self-cleaning impeller, self-priming pump, maintenance monitor, adjustable flow knob, dual water intake with a surface skimmer, and a filter basket. The filter basket can hold filtration media.

It is made using non-corrosive parts allow for use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums by well known Italian ‘SICCE’ company. The Seachem Tidal filter includes a built-in surface skimmer with adjustable flow control knob and you can easily adjust the flow rate which is suitable for your aquarium inhabitants. This company provides a 3-year unsurpassed warranty.

The following table shows different Seachem Tidal Power Filter models with some key characteristics.

Model Name

Aquarium Size

Flow Rate

Power (Watt)


(L x W x H)

Tidal 55

55 gallons

250 GPH(950 L/H)

5″  x 5″  x 7.5″

Tidal 75

75 gallons

350 GPH (1,320 L/H)


8″  x 5.5″  x 6.75″

Tidal 110

110 gallons

450 GPH (1,700 L/H)


9″  x 5.25″  x 7.5″


  • Powerful and attractive design;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Made with non-corrosive materials;
  • With surface skimmer;
  • It has blue floater valve which reminds you of cleaning;
  • It is reliable and runs quietly;
  • 3-year warranty;


  • It becomes noisy after a lot of use;
  • It needs regular clean to make better performance; 

Overall, Seachem Tidal Power Filter does an exceptional job for making your aquarium environment healthy. We prescribe you to purchase this awesome filter for your aquarium to make your aquarium environment safe.

Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter Review

Penn Plax Cascade Hang-On Aquarium Power Filter is an extremely prevalent filter among the aquarium fans because of its noiseless and effective task.

It has an effective QUAD-filtration system which comprises of mechanical poly filter pad, activated Carbon, bio-filtration internal sponge and External Bio-Falls wet/dry biological booster.

The poly filter pad catches floating matters, activated carbon helps to remove hazardous chemicals, poisons, smells, stains and different contaminants. The Internal sponge improves the colonization of valuable microscopic organisms such as bacteria which expel ammonia and nitrites, while the External Bio-Falls wet/dry biological booster remove extra ammonia and nitrite and upgrades oxygen level in aquarium water.

It also includes adjustable flow knob for adjusting filtration as needed and it is best suited for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It is easy to install and keep up which includes a leveling devise connection to appropriately position the aquarium filter and keep it stable on your aquarium. 

In the pet business sector, this filter comes in various size options, of which, you may choose best one for your aquarium. The following table shows different Penn Plax Cascade Hang-On Aquarium Power Filter models with some key characteristics.

Model Name

Aquarium Size

Flow Rate (GPH)

Power (Watt)

Hanging Width

Cascade 80

10 gallons




Cascade 100

20 gallons




Cascade 150

32 gallons




Cascade 200

50 gallons




Cascade 300

100 gallons





  • Easy to install;
  • It ensures crystal clear water using quad-filtration system;
  • It runs quietly with efficient motor;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • It is suitable for salt or freshwater aquariums;


  • Replacement of Filter media  is costly than another filter;
  • Warranty duration is unknown;

Tetra Whisper Power Filter Review

Tetra Whisper Filter for the aquarium is the outstanding and best selling HOB filter. It is ideal for each size aquarium which gives Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical filtration that your aquarium needs.

It is the best HOB filter for those with little aquariums. It is a peaceful and trustworthy filter which is easy-to-use with Bio-Bag fiber which rapidly traps particulate issue while activated carbon expels dissolved contaminants, and Bio-Foam supplies a lot of surface region for ideal biological filtration.

It has flow control knob which allows slower stream rates during feeding time to keep feed out of your filter. This filter is intended for use in littler aquariums up to 40 gallons. They’re promptly accessible in neighborhood pet markets and online pet shops with sensible cost. It gives crystal clear water and makes your fish healthy.

At present, in the pet fish business sector, Tetra Whisper filters come in five different models for different tank sizes. The Following table shows filter models with some key characteristics.  

Model Name

Aquarium Size

Flow Rate (GPH)

Filter 10

Up to 10 gallons


Filter 20

Up to 20 gallons


Filter 30

Up to 30 gallons


Filter 40

Up to 40 gallons


Filter 60

Up to 60 gallons


Product Features

  • 3-stage filtration;
  • Large Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridges;
  • Flow Control knob;
  • Color: Black;


  • It is suitable for up to 40 gallons aquarium;
  • Easy installation;
  • It gives crystal clear water;
  • It does not produce noise;
  • With flow control knob which allows slower stream rates;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Easy maintenance;


  • Cartridge replacement is needed for long time use;

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters Review

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter is the best HOB filter. This filter gives perfect, crystal clear water which makes your aquarium fish and plants sound. The filtration system provides higher flow rates and guarantees for sufficient dissolved oxygen (DO) for your aquarium inhabitants.

This filter has an internal pump that helps to reduce noise production of filter.  It offers you a five-stage filtration process for the cleanest, clearest, healthiest water.

  • Stage 1:  At this stage, dense floss eliminates particles and debris;
  • Stage 2: At this stage, Harmful substances, odors and any stain are removed by activated carbon;
  • Stage 3: At this stage, ammonia and nitrites are eliminated by Patented Bio-Holster;
  • Stage 4: At this stage, extra harmful substances are eliminated by diffuser grid;
  • Stage 5: At this stage, ammonia or phosphate is removed by Specialty filter pad;

The Quietflow also includes a LED indicator to tell you when it’s a great opportunity to change cartridge. You can easily replace the filter cartridges which make this powerful tank filter easy to keep up.

At present, this filter comes in five different models for five different aquariums. The following table shows the Quietflow filter models with some key features.

Model Name

Aquarium Size

Flow Rate (GPH)


Quietflow LED PRO 10

Up to 20 gallons


W: 6.25″ L: 6.00 “

Quietflow LED PRO 20

Up to 30 gallons


7.4″ x 4.4″ x 7.9″

Quietflow LED PRO 30

Up to 45 gallons


8.4″ x 4.6″ x 7.9″

Quietflow LED PRO 50

Up to 50 gallons


8.4″ x 4.1″ x 7.9″

Quietflow LED PRO 75

Up to 90 gallons


12.9″ x 6.6″ x 8.4″


  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Five stage filtration system;
  • It gives higher dissolved oxygen in your aquarium water;
  • It ensures a clean and clear water;
  • Inexpensive;
  • High flow rates;
  • For fresh or saltwater aquariums;


  • It becomes noisy after a long time use;

Marina Power Filter Review

Marina Power Filter is the most popular HOB filter among the pet fish keepers who prefer the small, slim and compact filter. This type of filter needs minimum space for hanging on behind your aquarium.

It features a adjustable flow control knob which controls the water flow rate in your aquarium. It is suitable for small or medium sized tank.

Engine of the marina filter is placed in submerged condition in the tank which allow for quiet operation. It is easy to set up and maintain. This filter contains 2 cartridge including 1 Bio-carb and 1 Bio-clear which provide biological filtration and make your aquarium fish healthy.

This filter also contains strainer sponge which prevents pulling smaller fish into the filter. At present, in the pet business sector, this type of filter comes in 3 different size options such as:

  • Size S10: For up to 10 gallons ( with flow rate of 55 GPH)
  • Size S15: For up to 15 gallons (with flow rate of 71 GPH)
  • Size S20: For up to 20 gallons ( with flow rate of 92 GPH)


  • Easy to set up and maintain;
  • It does not produce noise due to submersible motor;
  • Slim and compact design;
  • It needs less space than standard sized filter;
  • With adjustable flow control knob;
  • It comes with 2 filter cartridges for biological filtration;


  • It is suitable for only up to 20 gallons tank;
  • Cartridge price is comparatively high;

API SuperClean Power Filter, size-30

This is another attractive and beautiful HOB filter which is suitable for up to 30 gallons tank with flow rate of 130 GPH. This type of filter is a small hang on back filter which features with a Bio-Chem Zorb Cartridge that provides biological and chemical filtration.

This small sized filter provides crystal clear and clean water using advanced cartridge technology. It`s set up and maintenance is easy. It is durable and long lasting filter which is suitable for keeping betta or other fish species who do not like strong current.


  • Suitable for up to 30 gallons tank;
  • Quiet leak-free design;
  • With water flow adjuster;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • With Cartridge change reminder ;
  • Manufacturer`s Warranty: 2 years;


  • It is not suitable for larger aquarium;
  • Filter cartridge is not available;

HOB Filter Set up Process

It’s important to know how to setup a filter. You may follow the following steps or read our in depth guideline of  How to Setup a Filter in the Aquarium.

  • During purchasing the best HOB filters, the filter manufacturer company gives you all parts with an original package to assemble.
  • Firstly you should start to assemble with the bio-wheel and continue to other parts.
  • For setting up the filtration media, you must follow the instructions of filter Manufacturer Company. 
  • After setting up filtration media you should install the intake sump to suck the water and pass on it to the filtration media. 
  • On the back of the aquarium, you mount the filter and prepare to switch on.
  • Before running your filter, generally, you should fill the filter with water to avoid the odd sound of your filter and switch on your filter to run.

Cleaning Process of HOB Filter

Before cleaning filter, firstly you should unplug and turn off the filter. After unplugging, you should evacuate the upper top and pull out the filter basket, because here filter media such as sponge, carbon bag, and beads are located.

Remove the sponge and beads from the basket and place it in a small bowl and delicately wash the sponge using old aquarium water.  But carbon bag should be changed after 3 weeks.

Other parts of filtration system such as impeller and motor should be checked for cleaning or replacement. For smooth working of the engine, you should add lubricant.

After cleaning all parts, sponge, beads and carbon bag should be placed in the filter basket and the back of the aquarium, the filter should be hanged on.

Partially fill the filter with tank water and then cover it and connect the filter to electrical attachment and turn it on again to proceed. You may also like to read about How to take care of your fish.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, Hob or hang on back filter is the absolute best filter for most well-known aquarium sizes which give great biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration. It is easy to set up and maintain. It does not need extra space inside the aquarium to install, and you can easily replace the filter cartridge. Besides these, HOB filter features a biological filter pad or BIO-wheel to provide extra power for removing pollution. In this case, you should always choose the best HOB filters to make your aquarium environment healthy. 

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