Freshwater Aquarium Water Quality

Freshwater aquarium water quality parameter is the most vital factor of the aquarium organisms. It governs all other parameters in aquarium and finally it impacts the health of fish and aquatic plants. The effective and sound aquarium relies on upon great water quality, appropriate feeding and general care. Most fish health issues are brought on … Read more

Best Aquarium Plants For Betta Fish 2023 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Aquatic plants play an important role in the lives of aquarium inhabitants. Plants in the aquarium have a huge number of advantages: Plants are the lungs of the aquarium. In the afternoon, they produce oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. Plants give guarantee of stable biological balance in the aquarium. Aquarium plants also provide shelter … Read more

Aquarium Salt vs Sea Salt

Aquarium salt is really a typical pure salt (sodium chloride) which is signified by symbol ‘Nacl’. It is prepared from the evaporated sea water. It does not contain artificial additives, color or sugar. It also lacks anti-caking ingredients and iodine. Aquarium salt has lot of functions: it reduces stress, adds beneficial electrolytes, cleans aquarium and … Read more

Dwarf Gourami Care Guide

The dwarf gourami is the most popular aquarium fish due to its bright color and hardiness. Its modest dimensions allow keeping in small aquariums. It is suitable for aquarists with any experience, or beginners as the first fish. It is a perch-like modern ray finned fish under the Osphronemidae family of order Perciformes. The Dwarf … Read more

Best Fish Tank: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide-2023

To keep your aquarium inhabitants, fish tanks play an important role for providing a safe place to live. To create a calming atmosphere in your fish tanks, it is necessary to maintain a constant water temperature that should be ranged from 24-28 degrees Celsius (75.2-82.4 °F) which ensure cleanliness the aquarium and provide comfortable living … Read more