Aquarium Maintenance Equipment

For making your aquarium beauty and healthy, it is better to clean at regular intervals. In this case, proper aquarium maintenance can keep your tank fresh, make water quality good, and make your tank looking great and your fish feeling great. For proper aquarium maintenance, you should have proper aquarium maintenance equipment. For maintenance purpose of your aquarium, you should buy the essential instruments. Every aquarist should have following types of instruments:

Elastic or Plastic Hose: It is long elastic or plastic hose with a diameter of 8-12 mm. It serves to exhaust water; it can also be utilized to clean the base of the remaining parts of the indispensable movement of fish;

Mud Cleaner: The mud cleaner is a more immaculate device for expelling soil from the bottom. Usually a mud cleaner is purchased from a pet store.

Windshield Wiper: The windshield wiper serves to evacuate the algae from the aquarium glass; It is a long handle on which just like a single razor head is fitted which the glass will rub. To evade scratches on the glass wall,it is ideal to embed a plate of hard elastic or rubber. Now it is available in the pet store. They comprise of 2 sections: the external, which is moved from the outside on the glass of the aquarium, and the internal which moves inside the aquarium, deleting the plaque of algae.

Sharp Blade or Knife: It is used for trimming the plants. It is also used to maintain health of plants and to make beauty of your aquarium. Many aquarists use a sharp blade for trimming plants. Many aquarists want to utilize scissors.

Tweezer: It is a small forceps type tool which is used to pick up objects from any part of the aquarium. It is also used for planting and feeding of fish.

Thermometer: It is used for measuring the temperature of water to monitor the water quality. In aquarium, two types thermometer are used such as floating and fixed type. The fixed type thermometer mounts on a holder to the wall of the aquarium. The floating type thermometer floats on the water surface due to sealed inside the air. Read our ​Best Aquarium Thermometers 2022– Buyer’s Guide & Reviews for better idea.

Aquarium Fish Net: It is a fine net with various mesh size and handle. It is used for washing food and feeding, catching aquarium fish;

Plastic Feeding Rings: This ring is made up of plastic and is equipped with suction cup for holding. It may be free floating or attached to the side of the tank. It floats on the surface of the aquarium during feeding fish with artificial and dry food. It controls dispersal of food and helps to lessen food waste. It also control filter clogging and keeps food in a specific area.

Aquarium Fish Feeder: It is an electric or electronic device which is used to feed aquarium fish. This feeder is attached to the wall of the tank just above the water. It automatically maintains a regular feeding schedule at regular intervals. It has a hopper and timer with a variety of dry foods and the timer rotate the hopper at regular interval for dispensing food.

Aquarium Heater: To keep your aquarium water temperature at a suitable level, aquarium heater plays an important role. As an essential device, it helps to adjust or preset the water temperature in the aquarium. In the pet supplies market, there are many types of a heater with sensible cost. For better tank management, best aquarium heaters should be used. 

Coil Brush: It is a long and flexible brush which is used for cleaning aquarium filters or U-tubes. It is designed to clean hard to achieve spots to guarantee the long-life and smooth and persistent running of your aquarium system. It is also used to maintain the aquarium filter tubes to ensure best filter performance. It is found in different shapes and sizes and available in pet fish store with reasonable prices.

Aquarium Air Pump: Aquarium Air Pump is very basic equipment for any aquarium. It oxygenates the water by creating water current and enhance the good water quality. It helps to eliminate any impurities from water by circulating the water in your aquarium. It also makes your aquarium more attractive by creating the nice visual effect. In the pet supplies market, various sizes of air pumps are available with various wattages. It is recommended to use best air pumps for maintaining water quality in your aquarium.

Freshwater Master Test Kit: To make your aquarium environment and its inhabitants healthy, you should take few minutes every week to maintain and observe aquarium conditions. In this case, you should have a freshwater test kit. It helps to test the water parameter that affects the health of the fish. These water parameters are: water pH, hardness, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate etc. This kit provides accurate result and economical with complete instruction booklet.

Aquarium Filter: Aquarium filter is a very basic device to keep aquarium water clean. Waste products are produced by aquarium inhabitants which are very harmful to any aquatic lives.  In this case, aquarium filter helps to eliminate any waste products from your aquarium and make your aquarium water clean and safe for aquarium inhabitants. In the pet fish market, there are various types, shapes, and sizes aquarium filters available with suitable costs. Keep your tank environment clean and healthy, best aquarium filters should be used.

Aquarium Tongs: The aqua tong is an extremely fundamental aquarium instrument. It is made with rust and rust-resistant materials for dependable use in freshwater or marine aquariums. It is utilized for evacuating large garbage, re-positioning driftwood, or any task that once expected you to embed your hand or arm into your aquarium without getting your hands wet. It has an angle clamp which allows a wide range of motion and it can easily deliver powerful grip plus precision control.

Aquarium gloves: It is made up of heavy-duty PVC material with fiber reinforced sleeves. By using this glove, you can work securely and proficiently in any aquarium. It is an extremely fundamental aquarium goods and it keeps you dry, anticipate unintentional water contamination, and protect delicate skin from any type allergens. It is now available in local pet shops and online vendor with reasonable prices.

Scrubber Pad: Scrubber Pad is available in various categories for any type of aquarium. It is uniquely panned pad and durable that is used to expel algae issue from your aquarium. By using this pad, you can easily make your tank free of algae and mineral deposits in a few seconds. It is additionally used to expel water surface line rubbish and other upsetting types of development in your aquarium. For cleaning both glass and acrylic aquarium, you can use this pad easily. It is also intended to use for both glass and acrylic aquariums. During cleaning your aquarium using this pad, you do not utilize excessive force on pad to abstain from scratching or breaking aquarium.

Algae Scraper: Algae scrapper is a perfect device for expelling algae growth from aquarium glass that makes aquarium dark or nasty and unclear aquarium views. By utilizing this valuable apparatus, you can aquarium upkeep task short and efficient. At present unique shapes and sizes algae scraper apparatuses are accessible in the market with various costs. To keep your aquarium impeccable and sound, you should buy this device promptly.

Aquarium Water Changer: Aquarium water changer is an exceptionally basic instrument which is utilized to change the aquarium water for making aquarium condition sound. It is built by utilizing plastic materials and it has diverse parts including gravel tube, control valve, faucet connector, and water stream valve. At present, it is accessible in the market with sensible cost, and it is created to roll out routine water improvements in aquarium. To keep your aquarium crisp and magnificence, you should purchase water changer and connect with water faucet to utilize water weight to clean and fill aquarium.

Aquarium Wipes: To make your aquarium clean and excellence, you should have aquarium wipes. It is non lethal, pre-immersed wipes to clean your glass or acrylic aquariums. It is also used to minimize repeat of fingerprints, water spots and dust. It is anti-static and safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. You can evacuate lime scale and algae utilizing this aquarium wipes. It is not destructive for fish or plants. It is currently accessible in online pet shops with sensible costs of different amounts.

Aquarium Cleaning Mat: During aquarium support, aquarium cleaning mat is utilized to keep floors and cover spotless and dry. Cleaning mat is the perfect instrument to clean your water filter or other wet decoration. It is machine launderable and dryable. It has reinforced support that keeps fluids from splashing through from above or underneath. It is comprised of Non-woven texture that has the exceptional capacity to assimilate, and trap spills. It has adjusted corners for a completed look. In the market, there are different sizes of cleaning mats with sensible costs. It can also be modified without the fabric fraying for a custom fit.

Gravel Cleaner: Gravel cleaner can upkeep your aquarium with more efficiently. Expelling unattractive garbage or dust from gravel, rock or substrate is no longer confined to planned water changes. It has an electric engine that gives intense suction to rapidly expel soil particles. It has simple and movable siphon tube enables access to all aspects of the aquarium. It has also reusable cartridge with filter bags that remove debris as water returns into the aquarium. The gravel cleaner is formed with unbreakable and stun safe plastic. Every electrical part is protected and totally submersible. It is easy to install with open aquariums or tanks.

Protein Skimmer:  A protein skimmer is an important filtration device for any saltwater aquarium which is also known as foam fractionator. It expels any organic pollutants from water and keeps up best water quality in the aquarium.  In the pet market, aquarium protein skimmers are available with various styles and sizes within your budget. We prescribe you to choose the best aquarium protein skimmers that matches your saltwater aquarium for keeping up best water quality.

Refugium: A refugium is a particular type of small tank which is used as a place to grow macroalgae and other plants. It also acts as natural filtration to absorb nutrients. The refugium is mandatory equipment for a reef tank. To grow healthiest algae and other plants in a refugium, you have to use the best refugium lights to perform the photosynthesis process and promote vigorous growth of plants that are available in the pet business sector at a reasonable price tag.  Besides, for getting the best efficiency, the right kind of refugium light is necessary to make the refugium ecosystem friendly. This way, the macroalgae and the plants grow quickly and receive the excess nutrients from the tank water.

Final Verdict

Every pet fish keeper must have aquarium maintenance instrument to keep your aquarium clean and fresh. In the pet supplies market, today aquarium maintenance instrument is available with sensible cost. For cleaning purposes of your aquarium, we prescribe you to purchase the essential instrument that fulfill your requirements.   

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