Fish Mate p7000 Pond Fish Feeder Review: Intuitive study with Pros and Cons

Fish Mate p7000 Pond Fish Feeder will help you keep your pond clean and healthy. This product is made in the USA and comes with a 3 years limited warranty.

Pond Fish Mate p7000 offers versatility and ease of use. It has 13 feeding times per week, with the flexibility to customize the feeding times to best suit your needs.

Pond Fish Mate p7000 allows you to accurately feed your fish 24/7 up to 10 lbs of food per day! The large hopper holds up to 27 lbs of food, making re-filling a simple task when needed. With a low voltage power consumption, this feeder is environmentally friendly, and also includes an LED display for monitoring.

Fish Mate p7000 Pond Fish Feeder

Key Features p7000 Fish Feeder

  • It is 1.8 Gallons (7 Litres) capacity feeder;
  • The company provides 6 to 9 months guarantee for battery life in continuous use;
  • It features a fully digital timer with programmable LCD controller;
  • It is perfect for using the most pellets and sticks;
  • You can use it for pond only;
  • It includes unique feed mechanism which ensures precise feed sizes;
  • Dimensions(L×W×H): 21 × 21× 36 cm;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • It is easy to clean with dishwasher-proof hopper;
  • 3-year guarantee;

The Pond Fish Mate p7000 fish feeder uses advanced technology to precisely deliver the right amount of food to your pond at the right time of day. Its whisper-quiet motor gently and calmly feeds you koi and goldfish an exact, 1.5-ounce portion of food 4 times a day – even when you are away on vacation.

The Pond Fish Mate ® P-7000 Automatic Fish Feeder has a built in air bubble aerator. The corn auger automatically feeds all of you fish every day. It’s fully programmable and can be controlled by a wall switch or controller. A hinged lid opens the corn feed chamber for easy filling and cleaning, and the clear bowl allows you to view the feeding process.

The easy-to-use Fish Mate P-7000 is ideal for keeping bait fish alive and healthy. It also has a unique auto shut off sensor that turns the unit off as soon as it detects no water flow, helping to conserve energy.

The Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder is the pond owner’s ultimate feeder. It provides fast, accurate feeding without skimmers and nets, making it very easy to use – just set your desired portion and watch as your fish feast. Adjust portion size using slider controls for more or less food being dispensed. The simple controlled feeding algorithm means no overload of food into pond.

This pond fish feeder is designed for you to use around your pond, easily attach it to the wall or filter.

The pond fish feeder is used to maintain the well-being of koi in garden ponds. It is designed to prevent overfeeding and save fish food by automatically feeding your pond fish at specific times which you can control remotely. The POND FEEDER enables you to feed your pond fish with much less waste and food, which results in healthy longer lived fish.

This unique pond fish feeder acts as a drip system that feeds your fish continuously from a 13 gallon bucket below the unit. The flow of grain can be regulated with the cylinder and is gravity fed to your pond. This automatic fish feeder allows you to watch your pond fish without having to feed them by hand.

Product Specification of p7000 Fish Feeder

Capacity: 1.8 Gallons (7 Litres)
Power System: 4x C Batteries
Solar Power: No option
Auto feed amount: 3 times daily
Food size: Suitable for smell Rounded Pellets
Auto feed dosage: 1/3-1/2 cup
Distribution mechanism: Automatic release
Casting distance: Very short
Placement: Edge of pond



  • It includes transparent hopper which ensures checking food level easy;
  • It does not need suspension over the pond;
  • It is not very large;
  • It includes adjustable feed portions from three teaspoons upward;
  • With optimum storage capacity;
  • It is perfect for small-sized pond;


  • It is complicated to program;
  • It includes very short feed chute;
  • It does not include solar Power option;

Final Thought

The Pond fish feeder is a premium model fish feeder that features a stylish and sturdy design. It is made with noncorrosive and nontoxic materials, making it an environmentally friendly product that can be used in any pond or lake where fish are present. This automatic fish feeder dispenses up to 1,000g of food per day, making sure your fish get fed each day.

This pond fish feeder can help to improve your fishing by providing good nutrition at the right time of day. A pheromone impelled timer dispenses the food pellets – ensuring that only the fish you wish are fed.