Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Review

Do you suffer from tired, achy feet? If so, you may be interested in purchasing a foot massager which can help to improve circulation, relieve pain, and promote relaxation.

There are many different types of foot massagers on the market, including the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine.

This foot massager machine is a popular choice for those looking for relief from tired, aching feet. But does it really work? This comprehensive review will take a look at all the pros and cons of this popular foot massager to help you decide if it’s the right purchase for you.

The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is one of the best on the market. It offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits that make it a great choice for those who are looking for a quality foot massager that can help them to relax and ease tension.


Product Name: Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
Brand: Cloud Massager
Product Dimensions(L x W x H): 17.7 x 11 x 22 inches
Product Weight: 22 lbs
Washable Cover: Yes

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

This foot massager machine has received mixed reviews. Some people love it and find it to be very relaxing, while others find it to be ineffective and not worth the money. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of this foot massager machine. But what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look.

It comes equipped with many deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes. These nodes provide an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic massage experience. This incredible device gives you all the benefits of a professional foot massage right at home.

It is a high-quality foot massager that has been designed to provide a deep and relaxing massage. It has four rotating massage nodes that work together to knead and rub your feet, providing relief for tired feet and muscles.

It is also very easy to use. You simply need to plug it in and press the button to start the massage. It comes with a built-in timer, so you can choose how long you want the massage to last.

It is a device that has been designed to help people relax and relieve stress. It is a handheld machine that has two rotating balls that massage the feet. The device also has a heating function that can be turned on to provide additional relaxation.

This machine is made to be used with the included power cord or it can be run with batteries. The machine has three settings: heat, massage, and air compression. The heat function that can be turned on to help soothe tired feet. The massager also features a built-in timer that will automatically shut the machine off after a set amount of time which ensures that the device does not overheat.

It is a fantastic product that’ll make a great addition to your home. The device offers both comfort and effectiveness. It features many deep kneading massage nodes, which means it’s able to provide efficient relief for those suffering from minor aches, pain and stress. There are simple controls so you can tailor your session just the way you want it, and the mesh fabric lining ensures that your feet stay cool, making it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Best of all, this foot massager is affordable compared to similar products on the market.

It is an effective foot massager perfect for people who have to stand all day. It’s very well built, comes with a foot reflexology chart, an ergonomic remote control, and dual size foot pads. Most consumers who buy this product are keenly impressed on how comfortable it is and how much relief they get from it as well.

Custom Settings for Maximum Relief

With 3 unique heating levels, 8 roller nodes, and deep kneading shiatsu technology, this massager is sure to relieve any tension your feet might have built up throughout the day.

This massager machine works wonders and can relieve you from all your foot pain. It features three different modes to choose from and lets you select the speed and level of intensity according to your preference. Moreover, it has 3D air bags installed inside the device and has air pressure on the heels, soles, sides and toes for maximum comfort.

With many deep kneading nodes, you can say goodbye to foot pain and enjoy a soothing massage from the comfort of home after a long day on your feet, or take it easy while watching your favorite shows. Built with innovative features including many custom modes, adjustable intensity and optional heat therapy, you will feel like you are getting a professional massage in the comfort of home.

It also offers the relaxation and pain relief of a professional massage right in your own home! Its soothing heat function allows you to customize your massage with or without heat for the ultimate massage experience. The easy to access control panel along with the convenient side handles makes it easy and safe to operate. A perfect size for any living space, this foot massager will provide endless relaxation after a long day at work, or any strenuous activity.

After a long day of standing or running around, your feet deserve a break. With this massage machine, you can take care of your feet in comfort and ease while watching television or reading a book. Built with eight deep kneading massage nodes that rotate inward and outward to target the soles of your feet, this foot massager also comes with heat to keep your feet nice and toasty.

It is the most simple and easy to use foot massager on the market. It comes fully assembled and ready for use straight out of the box, and it doesn’t require instructions to set it up. All you have to do is put your feet inside, press a button, and enjoy. It is with the latest compression technology and has heat & kneading features for a revitalized and healthy experience to your tired feet.

This foot massager comes with many Shiatsu massage heads for effective deep kneading and a perfect shape, providing you a realistic massage experience that only available in professional massage center before. It is ergonomically designed for a comfortable foot and calf fit, you can enjoy your personal SPA at home or office.

Using advanced air compression technology, this machine uses air bags to gently squeeze and massage the muscles in your feet and calves, giving you gentle relief at the end of a long day on your feet. Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to use and is built with a high quality construction to give you years of massages.

Whether you’re suffering from pain or just want to relax and enjoy an at-home spa experience, the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine has plenty to offer.

Cloud Massage is an emerging brand that’s focused on creating the best value massage products. This foot massager is a great example of their philosophy, and it’s an excellent value for the money. It’s simple to use, has many modes and settings, and really delivers the goods when it comes to pressure relief and relaxation.

This advanced foot massager comes with four modes: Air pressure, vibrate massage, heat, and magnetic therapy.

Your feet take you where you want to go every day, so treat them well with the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. With deep-kneading nodes, this massager is perfect for soothing away tension, inflammation, and even plantar fasciitis. Designed to be easy to use and operate, it has a foot pedal controls and removable cloth cover that is machine washable. It’s ideal for relieving stress and getting relief right at home.

The Cloud Massage Shiatsu foot massager is the best way to relieve your tired and aching feet after a long day at work. The unique air compression technology provides 4 levels of intensity of acupressure massages with heating therapy. The design combines simplicity with clever technology and functions, allowing you to customize the pressure and massage areas according to your desired level of comfort.

Adjustable air pressure, heat and intensity settings ensure the right amount of intensity for your comfort level. The air pressure on the top and bottom of your feet work together to reduce stress and improve relaxation. The rolling massage helps promote circulation of the blood flow.

It is the perfect gift for people who sit for long periods either at work or at home. It applies a professional pedicure mechanism which provides a full reflexology and deep tissue massage relieving you from foot muscles soreness, strains and tension. This machine is ideal for athletes, people with diabetes and arthritis, or anybody who suffers from foot pains due to standing on their feet all day.

With a powerful kneading action and heat, this foot massager gives you a deep tissue massage to soothe tired feet, relax sore muscles, and help with circulation for overall foot health.

It is super easy to set up and use, with no special tools needed. It is also the perfect gift for people who work long hours on their feet, or who have cold feet at night and suffer from coldness in the winter time.

It is portable and easy to clean when a friend or family member wants to use it too.

Uses of Cloud Massager at Any Space

It has a full coverage, auto-reversing design that helps it to massage your feet with ease. The cover is removable for cleaning purposes and allows you to use the machine in a safe environment.

It is equipped with an advanced control panel with a large LCD screen that is clearly visible from all angles. The built-in manual controls allow you to customize your massage experience, such as using the remote control to select the desired intensity of shiatsu kneading, heat, and air pressure for your feet.

The foot massagers custom modes include: Gentle Kneading for light pressure, Relaxation for moderate pressure, and Rejuvenation for intense stimulation, targeting different types of pain or tightness in your feet. For added comfort and convenience, this reflexology foot spa comes with heated air compression sequences that target specific acupressure points on the soles of your feet to deliver revitalizing relief.

It is made from high quality fabrics and materials this electric massager is designed to last even under heavy daily use with its durable construction materials.

It includes the wireless remote control which allows you to choose from three different massage modes, all of which can be used with heating or without as desired. The machine provides a deep kneading massage for the entire foot and it targets specific problem areas such as Plantar Fasciitis. With its soothing warmth and gentle vibration, it’s the perfect way to pamper your feet after a long day at work or a vigorous workout.

Controlling System

A central set of controls of the Cloud Shiatsu massager is positioned in the place among each foot. In this case, five push switch/button controls are available. You should select each button to illumine a colored LED light for connecting additional settings.

The following five push button controls are available from upper to lowest:
1) Heat
2) Vibration
3) Intensity
4) Modes
5) Power

1. Heat

The heat mode is attractive and nice-looking. The heat button illuminates red light when it is activated otherwise it remains a blue or purple color light.
On = showing red light
Off = Showing purple / blue light

2. Vibration

Vibration settings are situated right under heat settings. It has three options for vibration settings such as off, low and high. For high vibration settings, the light shows red color, for low setting, it shows a solid blue light color while the light shows purple/blue color if the vibration is off.
If your foot, calf or ankles need extra depth massage, you should activate vibration setting modes. In this case, vibration option produces vibration current through the whole massager during activation.
Blue light = Low vibration
Red light = High vibration
Off = purple / blue light

3. Intensity

The cloud massager includes five diverse levels of intensity. Depending on your personal needs, you easily can regulate this intensity. In this case, duration of the massage will depend on the set of intensity. The following five intensities are available with light color:

  1. Solid blue light shows Least intense
  2. Flashing blue light shows Slightly more intense
  3. Solid green light shows More intense
  4. Flashing red light shows Very intense
  5. Solid red light shows Most intense
Level of Intensity

4. Modes

For operating the device, it includes five different modes. Using each mode, you can still use the following three features: intensity, vibration, and heat. Five modes with its functionality are listed in the following table:

Serial NoName of ModesQuick DescriptionLight Color
1Air pressure, rollers, and vibrationNo swayingSolid red light
2Air pressure, rollers, and vibrationWith swayingFlashing blue light
3Air pressure, rollers, and vibrationWith increasing swayingSolid blue light
4Rollers and vibrationNo air pressure or swayingFlashing green light
5Air pressure and vibrationNo rollers or swayingSolid green light

5. Power

Power button is the most perceptive button of the control system. It is placed at the bottom position of the control system. This button is used to turn on or off the cloud massager.

Why Cloud Massager is important?

-It is a wide-ranging at-home massager;
-It has heat therapy facilities which provide highest comfort and muscle relaxation;
-It is perfect for massaging of your feet, calves and ankles;
-It is made using tree intensity levels which help to relieve inflammation and tension of foot muscles;
-It includes adjustable bars which helps you to relax in several positions;
-It has five massage setting options satisfied to user needs;

Is It Friendly To Use?

For running the device, you should simply plug it in using the provided cord and start feeling your foot massage. The device comes with various intensities, modes and other settings. During operation, you may face the problem with different color means. The device`s icons are very modest but it is not 100% in-built and the colors are a complete guess. In this case, before fully operation the device, you should read the instruction guide thoroughly for fully working foot massager.

Why Do You Purchase the Cloud Foot Massager

If you are looking for foot and calf massager, Cloud Shiatsu massager is the perfect choice for you. Because, it has different massage modes such as heat, pressure, vibration and other modes that help you to:

• Creating a robust and pressure-relieving massage
• Increase Blood Flow Circulation
• Controlling Diabetes
• Providing heat therapy for your foot tissue
• Provide Plantar Fasciitis
• Neuropathy


• This massager helps to increase the blood flow circulation in the body;
• It improves the blood flow rate;
• It reduces inflammation;
• It stimulates muscle recovery;
• It provides pain relief;

Important Features

Modifiable Ease Control: This massager includes lot of options with a bar feature which offers optimum comfort at your feet, caves and ankles. In this case, you can easily adjust the machine for getting maximum comfort using bar feature. You can easily keep your legs and knees together at a 90-degree angle. Using a variety of massaging modes, you can select the right style to get maximum comfort for your needs.

Twofold Massage: This awesome foot massager features several setting modes: vibration, heat and air compression pressure setting. In this case, it provides variable setting options for your legs, feet, toes, calves and ankles. As a result you will get optimum comfort using this massager.

Deep Kneading Shiatsu Technique: This massager helps to pain relief from your foot, ankle and leg. In this case, deep kneading Shiatsu technique is used. As a result, you will get the following benefits:

-It improves the flow of blood;
-It helps to decrease inflammation;
-It accelerates the recovery of muscle;
-It provides pain relief;
-It also provides full easing after long day working;

Degrees of Strength: This massager provides three different levels of strength to outfit the muscles tenderness. As a result, any user is encouraged using the lowest setting by avoiding any discomfort.

Five Modes Features: It features five modes for providing optimum comfort. If you want alleviation from common aches or diabetic neuropathy, this awesome massager provides several functions including rolling massage, heat therapy, and compression therapy. It also features the quite mode option which helps for soothing relaxation.

If you purchase this awesome device, you will get a 100% hassle free warranty due to its expertise performance;

This massager provides different levels of speed and pressure. During the first few uses, the patient feels slight soreness. In this case, you should use the lowest setting. After few uses, the device becomes normal and the patient feels more comfortable.

In the market, there are various types of massager and they provide only a simple foot massage. But the Cloud Massager provides amazing comfort with your feet muscles, ankles or calves.

This cloud massager is perfect device for any budget and price with money back-guarantee. If you use this device, it provides relax within few minutes. If you buy it, you will get service as back massager, foot massager, leg massager and calf massager from this all in one device.

Operation Process

At first, you have to connect the electricity using power cord. In this case, the bar should be positioned to your liking.

Before turning on the machine, you should put on socks and then put your feet, calves or ankles into the machine.

At the third step, you should prefer massaging mode and level of intensity. In this case, you should start using the lowest intensity sitting.

In the final step, you sit on the machine with relax mode and switch on the machine to get optimum comfort for entire foot, ankle or calves.

Pros and Cons



  • It is easy to set up;
  • It features an adjustable arm. In this case, you can use this massager for your feet at any angle;
  • It is designed with several options and custom settings;
  • You can massage your feet, calves, ankles and heels;
  • It does not need adjustable period;
  • It includes a variety of features and settings;
  • For controlling the device, it includes button by which you can control the different separate settings;


  • It is expensive to purchase than other foot massagers;
  • It creates vibration only on your heal;
  • The top of your foot does not get any supporting materials during operation;
  • It is difficult to move;
  • Sometimes it create sound during operation;
  • User interface is not pleasant;
  • It slightly produces heat;

Concluding Remarks

The massage experience is very good. The foot massager has a Shiatsu roller that provides a deep massage. The heat setting is also nice, and the air compression helps to improve blood circulation. Overall, the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is an excellent foot massager and is worth the price.

This type of massage is also said to be beneficial for the body as it helps to improve blood circulation and soothe tired muscles.

It can be used by people of all ages and is said to offer a variety of health benefits. The foot massager has been ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable massage. It is also lightweight and easy to transport.