Goldfish Illness: Treatment And Prevention Measures [Mega Guide]

Every single living thing can become noticeably subject to the ailment in specific conditions and fish make no exemption. Goldfish are hardy, but sometimes they become illness like all the inhabitants of the aquarium. Due to contamination of bacterial, protozoan, infectious diseases and so on, goldfish become unhealthy. Diseases occur in aquarium condition with wrong … Read more

Aquarium Maintenance Equipment

For making your aquarium beauty and healthy, it is better to clean at regular intervals. In this case, proper aquarium maintenance can keep your tank fresh, make water quality good, and make your tank looking great and your fish feeling great. For proper aquarium maintenance, you should have proper aquarium maintenance equipment. For maintenance purpose … Read more

Freshwater Aquarium Water Quality

Water quality parameter is the most vital factor of the aquarium organisms. It governs all other parameters in aquarium and finally it impacts the health of fish and aquatic plants. The effective and sound aquarium relies on upon great water quality, appropriate feeding and general care. Most fish health issues are brought on by poor … Read more

How to Setup a Filter in the Aquarium

The water filter is an essential item for any aquarium. It helps biological and mechanical cleaning of your aquarium from waste materials. It also contributes to increase oxygen supply in the water of aquarium. In the market, lots of water filters are found. To pick the right filter for your aquarium, you should review about … Read more

Aquarium Salt vs Sea Salt

Aquarium salt is really a typical pure salt (sodium chloride) which is signified by symbol ‘Nacl’. It is prepared from the evaporated sea water. It does not contain artificial additives, color or sugar. It also lacks anti-caking ingredients and iodine. Aquarium salt has lot of functions: it reduces stress, adds beneficial electrolytes, cleans aquarium and … Read more

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance: Proper Guideline

Saltwater aquarium is becoming popular day by day. Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance is more troublesome than freshwater aquarium. It is an exceptionally dependable and careful action. To keep a saltwater aquarium sound for beginners is difficult. Many people erroneously trust that saltwater aquariums needn’t any decor at all. Fish from the oceans and seas are exceptionally … Read more