Bandit Corydoras (Corydoras metae) Information

Bandit corydoras is an exceptionally well known tropical freshwater aquarium fish among the aquarium fish keepers. It is a silurid catfish which belongs to the Callichthyidae family under class Actinopterygii. It (Corydoras metae) was first depicted by Ichthyologist Carl Henry Eigenmann in 1914. The genus name “Corydoras” comes from Greek ‘Kory’ means helmet and Greek … Read more

Aquarium Fish Facts: Silver Arowana

The silver arowana is exceptionally fascinating fish among the pet fish keepers due to its splendid silver hue and delightful body shape. It is a freshwater Actinopterygian fish under Osteoglossidae family of order Osteoglossiformes. It was first uncovered by French naturalist and zoologist, Georges Cuvier in 1829 and introduced into aquarium hobby in 1912. Systematic … Read more

Aquarium Fish Info and Care: Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus zebra)

The zebra pleco is a very attractive and well known aquarium fish among the pet fish enthusiasts due to its brilliant body decoration and hardiness.  It is a Actinopterygian scaleless ray-finned fish under Loricarridae family of order Siluriformes. It was first discovered by Dutch Ichthyologist Isaäc J. H. Isbrücker and Han Nijssen in 1991. Systematic … Read more

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Profile: Julii Corydoras(Corydoras julii)

The Julii Corydoras is a very popular aquarium fish among the pet fish keepers due to its brilliant body coloration and appearance. Austrian ichthyologist Franz Steindachner first described the species ‘Julii Corydoras’ (Corydoras Julii) in 1906. It has placed in Callichthyidae family under order Siluriformes of class Actinopterygii (=Osteichthyes). Systematic Position Phylum: Chordata Sub-phylum: Vertebrata … Read more

Beautiful Aquarium Fish: Zebra Danio (Danio rerio)

The Zebra Danio (zebrafish) is the most popular aquarium fish among the pet fish keepers. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) was first described by Francis Buchanan-Hamilton in 1822. The zebra fish helps to prevent mosquito control in their geographic region.  It is a ray-finned fish under the Cyprinidae family of order Cypriniformes. It prefers to live most of … Read more

Guppy Fish Information and Care Guide

The guppy is an extremely well known aquarium fish among the pet fish enthusiast because of its strength and splendid colors. It is a Actinopterygian ray-finned fish under the  Poeciliidae family  of order Cyprinodontiformes.  The guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata) was first depicted by Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters in 1859.  At present it is not assessed … Read more