Amazon Sword Plant: Care Fact and Propagation

Amazon sword plant is the most popular and common freshwater aquarium plants which is available in the pet stores with sensible cost. There are two popular varieties of amazon sword plant of which one is Echinodorus bleheri that has broad leaves while another variety is Echinodorus amazonicus that contains narrower leaves. These plants provide great … Read more

Neon Tetra: Fish Species Profile and Care Facts

Image of Neon Tetra

There are currently 157 species and 13 genera of tetra fish, many of which vary in patterns and coloration. The neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) is an awesome freshwater fish which is placed in the family Characidae under order Characiformes. Native to South America, they were introduced to the United States from the Amazon River basin … Read more

Goldfish Care Facts

The goldfish is a single-tailed, type of freshwater fish that has the scientific name Carassius auratus. It is also known as the Common Goldfish or just simply Goldfish. They are found in habitats all over the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. They are most commonly found in Japan. Goldfish are … Read more

Bolivian Butterfly Cichlid: Housing, Feeding and Sexing

The Bolivian butterfly cichlid is a very attractive aquarium fish among the freshwater pet fish keepers. It is also known as Bolivian Ram, Ruby Crown Cichlid, Hifin cichlid etc. It belongs to the family Cichlidae under order Perciformes of class Actinopterygii. In nature, it is found in Bolivia and Brazil. It prefers to live in … Read more

Five-banded Barb: Feeding, Housing and Breeding Behavior

The five-banded barb is an excellent and popular aquarium fish which is also known as pentazona barb,Banded Barb, Five band Barb etc. It belongs to the family Cyprinidae under order Cypriniformes of class Actinopyterygii. It is native to South East Asia. It prefers to live in slow flowing water bodies such as ditches, small rivers, … Read more

Guppy Fish: Housing and Feeding Behavior

The guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata) is a beautiful and popular aquarium fish. It belongs to the family Poeciliidae under order Cyprinodontiformes of class Actinopterygii. It is native to Northeast South America, but now it is found all over the world. It prefers to live in smaller streams and pools. Systematic Position Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata … Read more