Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage Review

image of Midwest deluxe critter nation cage

Choosing the best cage for your pet friends is more challenging job. To make your job easy, I have made survey in the pet market for selecting the best cage for your pet. In this case, Critter Nation Cage is the best choice among the pet enthusiasts. The Critter Nation Cage offers a brand new, … Read more

Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier Review

image of Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier

Your bird will have everything they need in this stylish Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier. No need to worry about weight limits on your journey with the hanging cage which is compatible with standard airline travel. The whole cage can also be easily dismantled for storage as and when needed. It is healthy for you and … Read more

Gray-headed Parakeet

image of Grey headed parakeet

The Gray-headed parakeet (Psittacula finschii) is a colorful species of parrot endemic to the Indian subcontinent. It is also called Finsch’s or Finsch’s Parrot. It is popular in aviculture as a pet, and has been introduced to many other parts of the world since the 1960s. Systematic Position Phylum: ChordataSubphylum: VertebrataClass: AvesOrder: PsittaciformesFamily: PsittaculidaeGenus: PsittaculaSpecies: … Read more

Oase BioSmart 10000 Pond Filter Review

Image of Oase BioSmart 10000 Pond Filter

Ponds are one of the most popular and pleasing additions that anyone can make to their home. As part of their maintenance they do require some routine care in order to maintain water quality and keep the fish alive! In this case, Oase BioSmart 10000 pond filter is the best choice to keep your pond … Read more

Malaria: Symptoms, Causative Agents, and Treatment

image of Malaria

Malaria is a very serious disease that has caused death of millions of human lives. The causative organism is a protozoan belonging to the genus Plasmodium. The members of the genus is characterized by having a life-cycle in which alteration of an asexual cycle with a sexual cycle accompanied with an alteration of host occurs. … Read more