How To Treat An Open Wound On A Fish

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It’s not uncommon for fish to get injured, especially if they’re kept in a home aquarium. If you notice an open wound on your fish, it’s important to take action right away to ensure the health and safety of your pet. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to treat an open wound on … Read more

Stress Zyme vs. Seachem Stability: Which is Better?

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It’s no secret that aquariums can be a lot of work. Between cleaning the tank, feeding the fish, and ensuring the water quality is up to par, it’s easy to get stressed out. But one crucial factor can help reduce stress and keep your aquarium healthy: bacteria. Bacteria are essential for the nitrogen cycle, which … Read more

Best Skeleton Model For Medical Students

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There are 206 bones in the adult human skeleton, which includes all of the bones in the arms, legs, hands, feet, head, and trunk. The average adult male has about 5 pounds (2.3 kg) of bone while the average adult female has about 4 pounds (1.8 kg) of bone mass. Skeleton models are commonly used … Read more